Armani Jeans Releases New Rihanna Promo Photos For S/S 2012


Last September we got our first look at Rihanna as the new celebrity spokesmodel for Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Women’s Underwear. Today we get to check out her latest Armani promo images for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign. Thankfully, Ri Ri ditched the fugly short blonde wig she sported in the first batch of photos and, instead, is rocking longer and much sexier locks in these new photos. Check out her new promo photos below.

Wow, I really like these photos … they are much warmer, much sexier than the first photos we saw last September. In the earlier photos, it really looked like Rihanna was trying too hard. These photos look effortless … and THAT makes all the difference. I like this collaboration between Armani and Rihanna … so long as they continue to put out promo images that look like this. She looks great, no?


  • nicole

    these are a LOT better. i still feel like this campaign is missing something with rihanna though..

  • JCZ

    Feels Ri-Ri circa SOS era.

    Not a bad thing. Girl is hit in anything. Blonde wig and all ;-)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I actually liked them because they are so toned down and just SEXY!!! She is one HAWT woman.

  • she should go back to that (hair) look :)

  • Amarie

    Love her makeup in these! Seductive!