Put A Record On


Our dinner/hang plans with Gillian got axed last night so my Friday turned out to be a nice and quiet one. Since I had some free time, I decided to head over to Amoeba Records to pick up some replacement inner paper sleeves for some of my records … and naturally, I ended up spending quite a bit of time among the stacks and stacks of vinyl records there. I picked up a few great new records, many of which were less than $3 each. The rest of my night was spent listening to records, both new and old. It was a quiet yet very pleasant night in.

The Kylie Minogue records I found (Wouldn’t Change a Thing and Can’t Get Blue Monday Out of My Head) were nice scores, as were the Samantha Fox records (I Only Want to Be With You and Naughty Girls Need Love). I’ve been dying to find a good copy of Petula Clark’s Downtown album and I also picked up Madonna’s Hard Candy album on candy-colored vinyl. I mean … when you can find amazing records for just a few dollars each, it’s hard not to want to buy EVERYTHING you see.

I’m not sure what we’re doing today. For the past few weeks, David’s been talking about going to the shooting range to learn how to shoot guns. Altho I am NOT a gun fan AT ALL … I must admit, I’ve always wanted to learn how to shoot a gun. I have this fantasy in my head (inspired by too many cop shows, I’d wager) that I may need to defend myself with a gun just laying around (bank robbery gone bad, mugging gone awry) and I have no idea how to disengage a gun safety, nor do I have any idea of how heavy and weighty guns actually are. We’ll see if this shooting guns thing happens but … yeah, I guess I wouldn’t mind learning how to shoot. Is that crazy?

Happy Saturday, y’all. I hope you have a great weekend. It’s gotten chilly here in LA. Stay warm wherever in the world you are today :)

  • CraigG

    Put down those weapons and go the Vinyl !!!

  • I think everyone needs to know how use a firearm properly & safely. Then again, I am from Texas & come from a long line of cops & servicemen. Firefighters too. :)

    Also, nice score on the records! That Petula Clark one really made me jelly! :)

    • Ashen

      OR… maybe everyone just needs their own PLB? Think about it, THINK ABOUT IT!!! No one can resist the charm and if they do…BAM! Texas style beating.

      Ok fine, I just wanted to comment because PLB did ;-)


  • DJ Vegas

    AHHHH! I Wouldn’t Change A Thing AND It’s No Secret!!! What do I think about your purchase? I I I I wouldn’t change a thing. ;) Nice find.

  • kendra

    Ohh! I’ve always wanted to go to the shooting range! My son went once and loved it..He wants me to take him back but it freaks me out!

  • Sanchez

    LOL! Are you going to the one out near Montebello? I worked out there when I lived in LA. In Montebello that is, not at the shooting range!

  • Alyssa

    I feel the same way about guns! It’s better for us to be educated in case something happens. Plus, I’m from Texas. So the gun thing rubs off after awhile.