Miranda Kerr Is The New Face Of Qantas Airlines


I cant seem to go past a bit of news that relates to one of my fave Aussie stars… Ah, Miranda Kerr you are stunning and so successful, and I love that you’re a gal who grew up in a small country town in Australia.. and now have a child with Orlando Bloom. Guess you’re proof that dreams really do come true.

Not satisfied with being one of the leading ‘angels’ for Victoria’s Secret now Miranda Kerr has been named the new ambassador for Qantas Airways, the Australian airline. She was given the honor at the Spirit of Australia Party held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Thursday in LA.

I was an awkward teenager when I read ‘Dolly’ magazines (you know, the kind of mags aimed at teenage girls) and I remember distinctly reading a few when they were looking throughout Australia for the next model. The year must have been around 1997 and I remember when they ‘found’ Miranda. I get kind of proud when I see how well she has done and how well she carries herself. I know it’s silly, just because she’s Australian and I’m Australian… it is not like i had any role to play in her success :)

Still, Miranda is one of my favorite models. She has a gorgeous baby, Flynn, with the a.m.a.z.i.n.g Orlanda Bloom, she’s smart too (studied nutrition and health psychology before pursuing modeling) and is all about serenity and inner peace, she’s a practicing Buddhist. I think she ‘s pretty damn cool, she reminds me of a hotter and nicer version of Elle McPherson, ya know, ‘the body’?

I love these pics of her with Orlando and baby Flynn Bloom, they also seem like pretty good parents too… could they get any more perfect? damn….


  • Rru

    You’re Australian??!

    • @Rru — Melissa, the author of this post is Aussie, yes!

    • Rru

      My bad, never realised you were not the only one writing posts here. My heart is broken!

    • @Rru — Why is your heart broken?

  • Katie

    I have been an religious reader of PITNB for years, and im really glad that Melissa has come on board. Being a fellow Australian living in London I’m loving all the ‘aussie’ input! Im a big fan of Miranda and remember reading Dolly as a teen. Im also very proud of successful Australians. Thanks Melissa!

  • carma

    Yesssss! More Miranda news! She’s totally my favourite, and I’m glad you feel this way about her too! =D

  • J

    Haha I’m Australian too Mel and remember reading that same issue of Dolly!!

  • Bella

    You finally found your voice, Melissa!! Loving the new style of writing (very opinionated, lets us learn more about you as a person). Keep it up! :)

  • banana

    yes i agree! i used to skip Melissa’s posts but lately i find myself reading what she writes and liking it! you’ve found your own style! congratulations! :)

    and Miranda Kerr is superrrrrrrrrrrrr gorgeous! there’s this Zen air about her that i wish i could replicate in me hahahaha

  • Do you remember she was the face of Portman’s for a while?!!