Mena Suvari Files For Divorce And Isn’t Playing Nice


American Beauty actress Mena Suvari has filed for divorced from her hubby, Simone Sestito. This will be the end of her second marriage, and this one only lasted just over a year. Reports are saying that she is asking the court to deny Simone any spousal support so things don’t look so pretty…

I like Mena, I think she has a sort of unique charm as an actress, and American Beauty, will always remain a favorite of mine. She was married before, to Robert Brinkmann, for 5 years, but I loved the pics from her second wedding to Simone back in 2010. They got hitched in the Vatican City, which I just thought was so cool. Seems like even the coolest of wedding doesn’t mean the marriage will work out…

Simone is 7 years younger than Mena, and I wonder if that made things hard in their relationship. Mena is also a well paid actor and would have been the breadwinner because Simone is 25 and works as a concert promoter. TMZ reported that Mena is requesting for the judge to deny Simone any spousal support, because she must be worried that he is going to go after her money now that things between then have gone sour.

I have to say, I always get sad hearing about relationships ending. People always go into a relationship or a marriage with the best of intent, everyone wants it to work out and be forever. I guess in this case, like so many others, when it ends you kind of hope that there will be some mutual respect for each other and some form of love, even if it isn’t romantic love anymore. Making a divorce about denying money is pretty depressing… it is made a whole lot worse when there are kids! I’m glad in this case that there weren’t any children. But in some ways, Simone is pretty young himself, he was 24 when they got married. He’s still a child himself… I hope things work out for you two.


  • ChristineLA

    How is asking for spousal support to be denied not playing nice? He’s a young guy who is capable of working for his own money, why does marriage to someone with money automatically mean you should be supported in the manner to which you surely shouldn’t be accustomed to if you were married less than 2 years? I don’t care if it is a man or a woman, spousal support when there are no kids present, and one party hasn’t given up a career to raise the children is dumb.

    • Tara

      Well put!

    • Shavonne


    • AmandaNikita

      Agreed. Though as someone traditional I do hold a little bias when it comes to men/women. Just in the sense that if a woman doesn’t work as much, and takes care of everything at home on-top of it, then I think she should get SOME compensation for that when she’s forced to go out on her own. Not rob the man of what he’s worth, just help her get on her feet. Women just tend to take on more responsibility if they aren’t the one making the majority of the income. But of course if a man was doing the same and not just being lazy (I hate to judge, but from experience men are lazier around the house), it would apply to him as well. Though I guess that’s tough to put into legal terms.

      When it comes to people with this kind of money though, I definitely don’t think spousal support should be necessary, even for a woman living off a man. He should have used the money he had while with her to make something more of himself if he expected to continue the same lifestyle upon a divorce.

  • Fabio

    I agree!

  • J

    Exactly he isn’t entitled to any of her money -good on her for being a smart women and seeking protection straight away.