First Look: Lindsay Lohan Models For Philipp Plein


Remember last September — way before Lindsay Lohan was revealed as the new face of JAG Jeans and FCUK fragrances — we learned that L. Lo was chosen by designer Philipp Plein as the new face of his fashion line … and that seemingly tragic and showy public photoshoot she posed for for the line? Well, the photos have been finalized and the ad campaign has been released. Lindsay is now officially the star of Plein’s Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign … and YOU, yes you, can see some of the photos below.

She famously stripped off for a sexy spread in Playboy magazine. But now, Lindsay Lohan is keeping a little more covered up in a somewhat classier set of new photographs. The 25-year-old actress features in several new shots for German designer Philipp Plein in a new advertising campaign. And the Mean Girls star looked stunning in the images, one of which features her posing in a strapless pale green dress slashed to the thigh, teamed with towering matching shoes. With her bleached blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders, the actress sports flawless skin and subtle make-up. In another picture, Lindsay shows off her patriotic side holding an American flag bag design as she lounges next to a lake. In an outfit that displays her slim legs, the star sport a short red leather jacket and spiky red shoes with bow detail. Lindsay flashes her legs again in a black mini-dress and black heels as she perches on the lap of a bearded male model, while another picture shows her looking to one side in a strapless leopardskin dress in front of palm plants. The final image shows the star in a simple white dress on a staircase with two male models. Lindsay shot the advertising campaign last September in Italy, while in town for Milan Fashion Week. She was once romantically linked to Plein, who announced their professional collaboration last year. He said: ‘Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality.’

I find it amazing that the photos she posed for last September turned out to look like these finished photos. Photo retouching is magic, y’all. But, I digress … at last count, this would make Lindsay’s third major endorsement deal. Not bad, if you ask me. And while she is still attempting to revive her acting career (by going after the role of Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming made-for-TV biopic on Lifetime TV), I think she is very smart to keep doing these endorsement deals. While the poses to me are her same, boring ass poses that she uses for EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTOSHOOT. there is clearly a market … because she keeps getting these jobs. I say, make that money Lindsay … continue to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE and maybe, just maybe you can get back some of the self-respect you frittered away with all your reckless behavior of the past few years. Things seem to be going very well for Lindsay right now … let’s see if she can keep up the good work.

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  • Ummm

    She looks amazing! Im suprised- pleasently

  • Lacey

    Looks like she learned to “model” from watching an Episode of America’s Next Top Model. If you see a larger picture of the red and white outfit, you can tell she did this before her teeth got fixed. It’s not a good look, even with airbrushing.

    • Ummm

      Tyra would not approve of the last pic…. She’s not sticking out her neck like a constipated diplodocus

    • Lacey

      You are right, that is pure drecktitude. No neck is not allowed in Tyra-land

  • Jstar

    Can you say Photoshop?

  • c-word

    i’ve always thought that she is stunning, despite the fact that she looks like she’s at least 40 now… these photos are alright, but you can definitely tell they photoshopped the shizz out of these images – i mean it did take them how many months? ;)

  • Shannon

    I do not get the hipster beard craze it’s gross and looks unsanitary. And LL yikes..

  • nicole

    i prefer the shoot for Jag Jeans. but i dont hate these.

  • EricB

    She has too much hair

  • maldy-1

    I think Lindsay Lohan is the most mis-understood woman in stardom. She looks Great! I have no doubt she will be keep doing what she does so well. So long as she can get roles in acting that are more to her type she will do well. I don’t believe Lindsay is as bad as some reporters would have us believe. We all make mistakes, the older you become the more common-sense sets in. Lindsay you’re gorgeous!

  • Vanessa

    Wow. I think this is the first time that I have been truly impressed/surprised by Miss Lohan. Job well done!

  • Ria

    Wow, Photoshop or not, she is selling me those clothes and she’s doing it pretty damn well. Love the long blue dress.