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One of my favorite things to talk about, write about and do is NYC related. Maybe it is because I am still madly in love with this city, or maybe its because it constantly surprises me. Either way, I figured for those living in the city, and those in other places around the country, it would be fun to hear about all the GOSS and goings on around here… the what, who, when and where of celeb sightings, fashion events, clubs, bars, restaurants and our fave stars… Ahh New York – you are magnificent, even when its 40 degrees and rainy! :)

What: Jay-Z reopens his NY club
Who: Jay-Z (duh?)
When: January 18th
Where: Flatiron in NYC

Just after his wife, Beyonce, gave birth to their baby girl, Blue Ivy, Jay-Z is back to work. News is out that his club on West 25th Street near Broadway, will be reopening on January 18th. It closed for renovations, which are rumored to have cost $10 million! The grand re-opening is planned as an invite-only party, so it wont be long before daddy Z makes his own first post-bub appearance…

Full of bling, as we can expect from the master of bling himself, the club is a towering, two-levels in a quiet Flatiron Street. It wont be quiet for much longer when stretch limos and celebrity sightings begin….

Six cream-colored leather swing chairs are suspended from the ceiling; sleek Italian marble shines on the floor, and a collection of LCD flat-screen televisions (including fifteen 60-inch plasmas) display ESPN. But that’s not all. A cognac lounge and four VIP rooms are tucked away on the second level. The Remy Lounge and Jay-Z’s Private Room boast 72-inch plasma screens, pool tables, leather wraparound sofas, PlayStation 2 and Xbox systems and private wait service. High rollers with a few extra grand to spend—and an entourage of up to 70 guests—can reserve the room for the night. After the game, the DJ blasts R&B and hip-hop (no surprise that heavy rotation goes to Jay-Z and his girlfriend Beyoncé), transforming the place into a bona fide dance club.

Will Bey and bub make an appearance on the dance floor too?


  • Iris

    I have to be honest…at first I was very wary of Melissa blogging, but for the last year or so, I noticed that Trent didn’t post as much as he used to back in 2006-2009. I’m glad to see there are more posts about more celebs!

  • Ava

    I like the concept of a regular NYC post. Very Sex and the City.

  • Kel

    you should definitely do regular ny posts! love this.

  • Melissa

    Wish you were blogging back in Sept when I made my first trip to NYC! I LOVE that place, and somedays I think I hear it calling me back… Keep up the great work, I’ve liked your posts since Day 1 :)

  • Zoe

    Looking forward to more NYC posts Melissa. Love to hear what the goss is in the city I also live in.
    PS. How does one score an invite to this new club?!