‘TV Guide’ Previews The Michael Jackson Tribute Episode Of ‘Glee’


Back in April of 2010, the cast of Glee appeared on the cover of TV Guide magazine to promote an episode of their show that was devoted to the music of Madonna. Later that year, Glee paid homage to the music of Britney Spears with an episode that our dear Britney even appeared in. Today we get to see the Glee cast on the cover of TV Guide magazine promoting their upcoming Michael Jackson tribute episode … which, I’m sure, they are hoping will be a Thriller ;) Click below to see the cast of Glee, in their best MJ outfits, on the cover of TV Guide and check out some promo photos from the upcoming ep.

The thunder’s just stopped rumbling, but a storm’s still a-brewin’ in a chilly parking garage just outside the Paramount Studio gates on a gusty Hollywood night. Inside, oblivious drivers exiting for the evening pass choreographer Zach Woodlee putting the warmly bundled-up Glee kids through a rigorous routine. Having only just been introduced to their complicated dance moves, the physically drained troupe will be in costume and before cameras in less than an hour shooting their big “Bad” production number — the crown jewel in a tribute episode to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, that airs on Tuesday, January 31. As the deafening prerecorded track plays “I’m bad, I’m bad/Come on/You know it,” Woodlee, a recognizable face himself as one of the judges on Oxygen’s The Glee Project, shouts his marching orders: “Walk, walk. Swipe, swipe, punch. Now swing! Ladies, you have to start backing up against the wall like you’re scared.” Woodlee separates Lea Michele (Rachel), Naya Rivera (Santana), Dianna Agron (Quinn), Heather Morris (Brittany) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) from the boys in a dance-off pitting the New Directions against the Warblers. “I promise you this will work. Well… maybe.” This ambitious homage — which includes 10 of Jackson’s hits, such as “Rock With You,” “Smooth Criminal” and “Black or White” — is an enormous undertaking pulled together in platinum-record speed after receiving the blessing of the überprotective Jackson estate. “It’s a different thing to do a posthumous [tribute] episode as opposed to dealing directly with Madonna, Britney [Spears] or Lady Gaga,” explains exec producer Ryan Murphy. “Michael’s kids are somewhat fans of the show, so the estate was lovely. In fact, they liked the writing so much that halfway through the planning they asked us to do another one about him next year.” (Murphy has not yet confirmed a follow-up.)

The full online version of this TV Guide article can be read HERE. As you may recall, Glee previously paid homage to Michael Jackson last year with an individual mash-up performance of Thriller and Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs … but this time around, all the music in the whole ep will be devoted to Michael Jackson. Here are a few promo photos from the upcoming ep:

IMHO, Glee did Madonna right … and they did Britney right … so I have no reason not to believe that they will do MJ right, too. What I want to know is when will Glee pay homage to Prince? He already gave the show permission to use his song Kiss … how about the next big tribute episode be devoted to the genius music of Prince?

As for this upcoming Michael Jackson episode, are you excited to see it? Which MJ song are you most looking forward to seeing performed Glee style?


  • Sara

    The New Directions also did a Jackson medley in the recent sectionals episode which was awesome! (They did Jackson 5’s ABC, Janet Jackson’s Control, and Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror)

  • blaqfury

    MJ’s Human Nature is my favoritest MH song, but it’s not one that’s covered often so I don’t expect it to be in the episode. I’m looking forward to this epi.
    I also agree with you about Prince. That would be awesome. There are so many artists that deserve a tribute epi. It must be stressful for Murphy to pick one and eliminate others.

  • Sam

    It’s so incredibly hard to get Michael Jackson songs right..not that he’s necessarily a better singer than the rest, it’s just that his voice and register is so unique and his songs fit HIS voice and only his. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone do MJ justice, IMO!

  • Ashley

    I’d love to hear some of Michael’s most underrated songs get covered. I’d love to hear Break of Dawn (though it’s probably too “grown” a song for Glee) or Much Too Soon from the Michael album. That’s a pretty one. :)