CONFIRMED: Madonna Reveals The Title Of Her New Album


Just moments ago, the British magazine Gay Times posted a tweet on their official Twitter profile reporting that Madonna has revealed to Graham Norton the title of her upcoming new album. It turns out that Maddy didn’t just come out and reveal the album title … she qualified her statement by revealing the album title and then added “unless I change my mind”. The website Madonnarama is unconvinced that the title revealed by Madonna in this new interview will be the actual album title … so … wanna know what it is? Click below to find out what Madonna says her album title will be.

Madonna says her new album will be titled M.D.N.A.. Here are the tweets posted by Gay Times magazine:

Madonna’s new album is called MDNA / Madonna’s also touring in the near future apparently (after taking three years off to make her movie, W.E.)

Here is direct quote clarification from a Twitter user named @nikthakkar:

Her words were ‘MDNA unless I change my mind’ apparently. It is a fucking awesome name and NEEDS to happen.

And here is Madonnarama’s insistance that the album hasn’t actually been titled yet:

#Madonna told Graham Norton she likes the idea of using initials for her next album title. No title confirmed yet!

It remains to be seen if Madonna is being truthful with this M.D.N.A. title or if she is merely joking around. On the one hand, if we take her comment at face value … then, yes, M.D.N.A. is the working album title now and should remain the title unless Madonna changes her mind (as she says). On the other hand, Madonnarama has been VERY RIGHT about a lot of information concerning Madonna’s upcoming new album over the past few months so I’m willing to believe them when they say no album title has been chosen yet.

I suppose both sides could be right … while it may be true that the album hasn’t officially been titled (ie. the record company hasn’t been told the official title yet), Madonna could be telling us the album title before she informs her record label. Personally, I love the idea of naming the album M.D.N.A.. It sounds liked “Madonna” but it also sounds like “Madonna DNA” (it also sounds like MDMA which are the initials for Methylenedioxymethamphetamine — the drug Ecstasy but I doubt that is what Maddy is going for … right?). I hope the album is named MDNA … it’s simple yet clever. What do y’all think of all of this? Do you like the album title M.D.N.A.?

UPDATE: Madonna’s official Facebook profile has been updated to CONFIRM officially that M.D.N.A. is the album title:

Madonna just officially announced the name of her upcoming studio album, which is “M.D.N.A”!

Yes! Love this title so much! Woot!!!

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  • Joanna

    Either way whatever the meaning that Madonna is trying to convey with this, and if it is truly the name of her new album. I can think of no other that Madonna to make this name/theme nothing short of amazing!

    • Philip O’Connor

      It’s a cool name, but do you not Think Madonna is getting too much credit for the title. When I heard the title of new album , all I could think of was that Credit card MBNA.

  • shoesofpink

    I thought the reference to the drug ecstasy was exactly what she was going for. As if to say her album is like a drug, addictive, and also that it will put you in ecstasy.

    • @shoesofpink — Yep, you could be right. See, this is why I love the title ‘MDNA’ … it could stand for many clever meanings ;)

    • AmandaNikita

      Yeah it was most definitely the first thing I thought of. Clever…

  • Redraiderdc

    It’s all those things. The music is rooted in dance and the clubs so of course its an MDMA/Ecstasy reference. It’s the “debut” album on a new label and as most debuts go, it’s self titled MDNA (Madonna) and it’s Madonna/DNA, as in SHE WAS THE BEGINNING. Let’s not try to get too literal here – it’s all these things and more. I hope she doesn’t change her mind. That title has balls.

  • Robert

    I love the title, it’s fresh it’s cool, it could be another brand to the Madonna emperium. I wouldn’t mind wearing a shirt that said MDNA or she just simply can start a new clothing line called MDNA, it’s simple and genius.

    Can’t wait to hear this album!!!!

  • iremsu

    loved title its really good she have to show and say that”I AM HERE”