Watch: ABC News Releases A Longer Preview Video Of The Upcoming Madonna Interview


On Sunday we got to check out a very short preview video from ABC News that gave us our first look at Madonna’s upcoming interview on Nightline, scheduled to air this Thursday night. Today, we get to check out a longer video that features more Madonna and informs us that her chat with reporter Cynthia McFadden will be spread over 3 ABC News programs — Nightline Thursday night, Good Morning America Friday morning and 20/20 Friday night. Throughout the interview, Madonna will be asked questions posed by fans … including the always popular What do you think of Lady Gaga? question. Check out the extended video clip below for your FIRST LOOK at Madonna’s upcoming interview.

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Madonna sits down with Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden for an exclusive and intimate conversation about her music, movie, upcoming Super Bowl appearance, family life, and dating with her kids approval on Nightline (11:35 ET) Thursday, January 12. More of the interview will air Friday, January 13 on Good Morning America (7:00 – 9:00 am ET) and 20/20 (10:00 – 11:00 pm ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Oh man … this is gonna be good! This series of interview segments are the first Madonna has given since she announced last year that a new album is on the way. I suspect we’ll hear her talk about her directorial debut film W.E., her new single, her new album, her upcoming Super Bowl performance, her upcoming tour and — yes — what she thinks about Lady Gaga. I am REALLY excited to hear from Her Madgesty herself on all of these matters. It all starts Thursday night … set those DVRs or tune in, y’all … this is NOT TO BE MISSED!


  • I don’t know why, but I have a gut feeling that Madonna doesn’t really have a huge opinion either way on Gaga. I think she knows she is, and will be for a long time, the HBIC.

    • @Lauren xx — My guess is she will have something witty and funny to say. I imagine she’s had a long time to come up with a good answer that might resemble a back-handed compliment ;)

    • Krissy

      I think she definitely will have an opinion…she has been to her concerts with her daughter before. I agree with Trent. She will probably have a back handed compliment ready. I get the feeling she stocks up on those.

  • PHIL

    Looking forward to this! I’m loving that dress. Does anyone know the designer? She looks stunning.

    • @PHIL — Material Girl*, obvs!!!

      *not really

    • PHIL

      Ha!…That made me laugh out loud. ;)

  • Ben

    Long live The Queen!!!

  • love it…she looks and sounds so happy relaxed and having a blast..the queen couldnt give a hoot about that loser gaga…..she knows gaga is just a cheap ugly copy cat of hers

  • Kris

    They’ve done an SNL skit together, attended a V magazine party together celebrating Marc Jacobs; maybe all we need is to see them french on MTV and we’ll be able to realize there is no feud. And hasnt everyone been in a feud with Madonna at one time or another? Elton John, Prince, Bette Midler, Morrissey…the list goes on and on. I like both Madonna and Lady GaGa so as long as they’re both making new music who cares? This feud takes away from the awesomeness of both ladies. ps – how much does the interviewer LOVE to talk about her close friendship with Madge. New drinking game anyone?

  • Dominic

    I cant wait I love this woman !