The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Headline Coachella 2012


After the staggering success of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival last year, it was announced that this year’s festival would be spread over TWO weekends so that MORE people can attend the 3-day music event. This year, on April 13-15 and April 20-22, the same roster of musicians will perform for DOUBLE the attendees. Also this year, for the very first time ever … I’m going to Coachella. Wanna know who will be performing at Coachella this year? Check out the massive list of performers below.

The Black Keys, Radiohead, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre will headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April, according to the event’s Twitter page. The annual festival, held in Indio, Calif., will feature two weekends, April 13-15 and April 20-22, with the same acts. Arctic Monkeys, Bon Iver, David Guetta, Florence and the Machine, and Girl Talk are also scheduled to appear. Followers of the Coachella Twitter account received news of the lineup on Monday. Providing a link to the list of acts, the post read simply, “psst… pass it on.” Last year’s festival, which lasted just one weekend, featured Kanye West, Arcade Fire and the Strokes, helping to coax 75,000 people to buy three-day passes. Goldenvoice, the festival’s promoter, reported $23 million in ticket sales. In May, organizers said the festival would expand to a second weekend. The Twitter account said tickets for April’s festival would go on sale Friday.

After hearing from folks year after year after year about how amazingly fun Coachella is, I decided to attend this year and find out what all the hype is about. Now, as I’ve said many times before … I’m not usually a big fan of music concert festivals and I’m REALLY not a fan of the blistering desert heat for long periods of time … but I know I’d really regret never attending Coachella while I had the chance so … this will be my year! This line-up? OMG. I’m dying. Yes, the headliners are awesome but there are a LOT of other really fantastic acts performing this year. Atari Teenage Riot, MAZZY STAR, Dragonette, Florence + the Machine, M83, Miike Snow … and on and on and on. I’m excited. I’m a bit nervous about the massiveness of the experience but … I ame excited. Are any of y’all planning to attend Coachella this year? General Admission tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY!!! Hopefully I’ll see you there!!

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  • canaussiegirl

    So excited.

    Laura Marling? Gotye? M83? Explosions in the Sky? MADNESS? OMG! (OMG not being a band, but my level of excitement!)

    I cannot wait! And I have a house this year, no camping hell for me! Yay!

  • helen

    I’ll be going for the first time too!!… I always thought the “woodstoky experience” was not for me, but I guess any new musical experience is good, right??… wish me luck!!

  • AmandaNikita

    There are at least 15 bands I would die to see! Last year would literally have been my perfect show, but this is fantastic. Bon Iver/The Black Keys/The Vaccines/The Shins/Laura Marling! Ah, sadly I’m a college student in Toronto and have no funding to get to California :( Have fun Trent, it’s going to be phenomenal!

  • Jen

    I’m going to the first weekend for the first time ever toooo!!! I’m so excited for my first Coachella experience after living in California for two years now and every year hearing people rave about it

    • @Jen — Mebbe we’ll run into one another, that would be really fun :) xo

  • Lucy

    I’m going, and excited to know you are too! I just heard the first weekend is sold out though, due to presales. :/

  • nat

    The Shins alone are worth going-if you live on the west coast.This just isn’t in my budget-this year.

  • Smoo

    I’m coming all the way from NYC! Which weekend are u going Trent?! I would DIE if I ran into you