As you may recall, we learned late last year that Lindsay Lohan has been named as the new celebrity spokesmodel for JAG Jeans. We learned last week that she has been named as the new celebrity spokesmodel for FCUK‘s new fragrance Fringe. Today … we learn that Lindsay is being considered for the role of — get thisElizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime TV movie titled Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story. Now, before y’all get all riled up about this casting … let’s remember that she is merely being CONSIDERED for the role. But, if she plays her cards right (heaven help us), Lindsay could feasibly get the role. HMMM.

After emulating Marilyn Monroe in a series of photo shoots, most recently for Playboy, Lindsay Lohan may be taking on another screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor. I have learned that the 25-year-old actress is in early talks for the female lead in Lifetime’s original movie Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, chronicling the enduring love of movie icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, whose fiery romance was the most notorious, publicized and celebrated love affair of its day. The film, produced by Larry Thompson (Amish Grace) and written by Christopher Monger (Temple Grandin), was originally announced as part as Lifetime’s 2011-12 development slate … Lohan has been compared to Taylor. In addition to their physical resemblance, a 2004 Slate story lists a host of other similarities: “Both had domineering stage mothers, little semblance of a real childhood, fame from a young age, substance abuse issues, public emotional outpourings, and copious amounts of tabloid drama. The key difference, though, is that Elizabeth Taylor had a true record of achievement before she became the most notorious movie star in America.”

Ummmm … hmmmmm. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. On the one hand (the positive one), I think a role like this really could help Lindsay in her continuing effort to turn her life around. She has been an utter mess for a few years now. A role like this has a real chance at helping Lindsay clean up her image … and if she delivers a great performance, it could literally save her acting career. On the other hand (the negative one), I am having a hard time envisioning Lindsay with the acting ability to pull off this role … that is, if she is even given the chance to play the part. Elizabeth Taylor is an icon … you can’t get just any ol’ person to play her in a movie of any kind. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out. I’m really curious to know if Lindsay will A.) get the part and B.) will shine in the role.

What do y’all think? Does any of this sound like a good idea to you? Do YOU think Lindsay Lohan will be able to portray Elizabeth Taylor in a suitable way?