First Look: Justin Bieber Covers ‘V’ Magazine


Last week, we got to check out a bunch of photos of Sky Ferreira channeling her inner Madonna for the upcoming Music Issue of V magazine. At the time, we learned that popstar Justin Bieber is featured on the cover of the issue. Today we get our first look at Bieber’s V mag coverphoto and some of the photos from his accompanying photospread. The photos are … interesting. Get your first look at pretty boy Bieber in V magazine below.

There, uh, seems to be a lot of make-up in these photos … which pretties up quite a bit Mr. Bieber. My assumption is that they photo editor is going for a 70s/80s glam vibe for these photos but … I’m not sure that JB is really able to pull off the look:

You can read Justin’s full interview with V magazine HERE … but I wasn’t nearly as intrigued by the interview as I am by these photos. Try as I might (not that I’ve really tried at all), I cannot take Justin Bieber very seriously. He’s a kid. Despite the fact that “the little prince” is turning 18 this year … he’s a kid. Dressing up a kid for a fancy magazine shoot doesn’t really work, at least for me. What do y’all think? Do these photos of Justin Bieber say anything to you? If so, what?


  • Fabio

    Aaw he looks cute. From a modelling aspect the facial expressions are the same in every picture

  • Meghan

    He looks ridiculous! Lol!! Is it just me or does he look way younger than 17??

  • nicole


    but seriously…who styled this photo shoot? its like they wanted him to look (even more) like a lesbian. oh boy its just ridiculous.


    • Zeke

      Amen! A bored lesbian actually. Look at his eyes. He’s saying: “Are we done yet?”

    • megsterg

      Lol. Seriously. It’s terrible.

  • Isabelle

    1. I don’t know why, but everytime I see his face I feel like slappin’ him.
    2. He doesn’t look a day over 14.

    • mc_swifty

      I love reason #1

  • Janaegal

    He sure is pretty and he sure does love him some lipgloss.

  • Sara

    These photos say “I have no idea how to pose for a camera” hahaha

  • ganesh


  • Veronica

    Ever since he got his hair cut, I swear he looks like a butch lesbian…. but hes a guy! he grosses me out lol

  • swile71

    That’s all he can bring to a photo shoot? What a waste of time and paper. I’m sure he was paid big bucks to sit there looking like an absolute idiot. Get that lesbian out of here!