‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Tweets Solange About B-Jay’s Lil’ Princess


We are all still so excited about the B-Jay bub news!!! Even though it has been a day or so the news is still as exciting as ever!!!!!!!!! We are still waiting for pics (wonder how long that’ll take!) and official confirmation of the little girl’s name, but lots of speculation is going around about what the significance is of the sweet name Blue Ivy!

Sources and fans suggest the couple chose the name “Ivy” because of the number 4 or Roman numeral IV, which is significant in Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship. Beyoncé’s birthday is Sept. 4, while Jay-Z’s is Dec. 4; the two married on April 4 in 2008; they reportedly have matching “IV” tattoos on their wedding fingers; and Beyoncé named her latest album 4.

I love this deep symbolism, especially as it is such a beautiful connection between Bey and Jay-Z!

And what about the meaning behind the name ‘Blue’? Could it really be a reference to Jay-Z’s three albums, The Blueprint, released in 2001, 2002 and 2009? In the lyrics on Blueprint 3, he has said “I’m the Blueprint, I’m like the map for ‘em.”

Lots of stuff is going around on Twitter about the name, and we will know soon enough, but for now at least we know that she is
“the most beautiful girl in the world,” according to aunty Solange Knowles. Awww we wanna see her too!!!

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  • Jules

    If true, I like the fact that they chose a meaningful name, but on the other hand, it’s a double edged sword.

    What if Jay and Bey (Hopefully not, but let’s face it) don’t stay together? The name is a symbolism for a part of their relationship.

    What is (again, sadly, it happens a lot) they break up for something other than “irreconcilable differences”? Like…abuse? Or infidelity. Having a name in relation to that relationship will not be as sweet.

    • if true i like the fact that chose a meaningful name

  • Dezden

    So excited for them.

    Blue like Jay’s albums… Ivy like I-V like 4.

  • Sofia

    well the baby is basically a symbol for part of their relationship so i dont think that anyones really gonna care about her NAME if they divorce.