National Society of Film Critics Awards Best Picture Of The Year And Best Actors


It is so exciting when award ceremony season arrives! Like the start of summer there is a buzz in the air. We know that there are going to be announcements about best films, best actors, red carpets and all the fashion! One of the first awards of the season were announced, the National Society of Film Critics named Melancholia Best Picture Of The Year! Read on to find out the other award winner… including best actor, best actress and more! Hoorah!

Melancholia won Best Picture. The Lars Von Trier film stars Kirsten Dunst and and really allowed Kirsten to shine so much that she actually won Best Actress for her role in it. Brad Pitt won Best Actor for his role in Moneyball. Best Supporting awards went to Jessica Chastain from The Tree of Life, Take Shelter, and The Help, and Albert Brooks took Best Supporting Actor for Drive. The Tree of Life finished ranked second and A Separation third in the Best Picture voting.

While The National Society of Film Critics has quite a different take to the Oscars on who should take away the awards, this is still a very big first step and glimpse into what might happen. The society is made up of 58 of the most highly regarded movie critics in the U.S, so these awards definitely have authority.

Brad has been up there for his role in Moneyball, but there is also a good chance it could go to George Clooney for The Descendants or Leo Dicaprio for his role in J.Edgar at the Oscars. I personally think it might come down to Leo or George when Oscar time comes around, but having said that Brad is excellent in Moneyball and is also very deserving of this award. It is a very strong year of contenders!

Melancholia is definitely up there for the most artistically successful film of the year. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland star in it along Kirsten Dunst, and she took home the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. The narrative, said to have been inspired by the writer’s depression and about remaining calm in a crisis, is about two sisters and is set during and shortly after their wedding but Earth is about to collide with an approaching rogue planet.

Check out the official trailer for Melancholia. What do you think of this win?


  • Meghan

    Ugh….I hated Melancholia!

  • Wyn

    I’m rooting for Jean Dujardin to take the Best Actor Oscar, in the same way Roberto Benigni beat Tom Hanks. The Artist was really incredible, and mostly due to his performance, in my opinion.

  • Vicky

    Kristin looks fantastic.

  • Daphne

    Melancholia is one of the only movies i have ever watched that has made me weep helplessly. It’s a beautiful movie, and don’t get me wrong, Lars Von Trier is nuts, but when someone makes a movie that just rips your guts out like that, they should get some acknowledgment for what they did. Kirsten Dunst deserved to win best actress at Cannes, she’s grown a lot since ‘Bring it on’! Loved it :)