Kiefer Sutherland Starts Shooting ’24: The Movie’ And Introduces New TV Series ‘Touch’


The 24 series finale left fans hanging – now people can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that filming for the movie will likely commence in April or May.The show and movie’s main attraction, Kiefer Sutherland, updated us on the TV to big screen rumor.

Kiefer has been busy recently. Not only has he been busy with this new 24 project, but he also starred in Melancholia, which we reported today won Best Picture by the National Society of Film Critics. Kiefer has also been crazy busy getting ready for his new TV series, Touch, which previews January 25th before officially starting March 19th. The drama series has had great reviews but is completely different to 24! Kiefer plays the character of Martin Bohm, a widowed dad struggling to communicate with his 11 year old son Jake, who has severe autism. Another one to definitely watch out for as it sounds moving and very poignant. Kiefer has said that it is going to bring a new very real emotional dynamic to what is currently on TV.

As for 24? The movie picks up 6 months after the TV series finale, where Kiefer’s character, Jack Bauer, went off the grid and bid farewell to Chloe and the CTU team. It will be interesting to see what they do with the movie given how the series ended. It is always fascinating to watch the TV to film transition so I know I will be making sure I catch this one later in the year.

And, as for which familiar faces we can expect to see in the movie? Series and film producer Howard Gordon told TV Guide Magazine this week that Mary Lynn Rajskub’s character, Chloe, is going to be involved. Lots to look forward to on the couch and in the cinemas!

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