First Look: Amanda Seyfried As Linda Lovelace


As you may know, there are 2 competing films being made in Hollywood right now that focus on the tragic yet true life story of 1970’s porn star Linda Lovelace. The film titled Inferno will star Malin Ackerman in the lead role (altho, Lindsay Lohan was initially considered for the partbefore she got fired and replaced) and the other film, simply titled Lovelace, will star Amanda Seyfried as the lead. Entertainment Weekly brings us our first look at Amanda as Linda and if you know anything about Lovelace’s tragic life story, you’ll realize that the photo below is from one of the few happy times in her life. Check it out.

If you already know the true story, looking at this first official photo of Amanda Seyfried in the 1970s pornstar bio-pic Lovelace may recall the lines from a Smokey Robinson song. “Take a good look at my face / You’ll see my smile looks out of place …” This is Linda Boreman and her husband Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard) in happier times, before she would become known to the world as Linda Lovelace through one of the earliest mainstream X-rated films, 1972?s Deep Throat. Later in life, Boreman (who died in 2002 at age 53) renounced her porn career, and said she was pushed into it by Traynor, who beat and threatened her. While the world saw her as a fun-loving nymphomaniac, the reality of her off-screen ordeal is far darker and sadder than the fantasy she embodied. The movie is currently in production and doesn’t have a release date. Demi Moore, Adam Brody, and Eric Roberts recently joined the cast, alongside Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Hank Azaria, Robert Patrick, Bobby Cannavale, and Chris Noth. Lovelace is being directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, best known for another counter-culture movie, the Allen Ginsberg film Howl. Meanwhile, another film about Lovelace, Inferno, is currently in production starring Malin Ackerman.

Of the two Linda Lovelace films, this one seems to be the one getting all of the important buzz. The cast of Lovelace is superb and if the film is done well, it has the chance to compete for all sorts of film awards next season. We all know that Hollywood loves tragedy based on a real life story … and if the lead actors are willing to get “ugly” and “dirty” for the roles they play (think Charlize Theron in Monster), they have a better chance at being noticed by the people who give out the film award trophies. I suspect we’ll be seeing something soon from the other Lovelace film Inferno … and like the competing Snow White films due out this year, we’ll likely be seeing competing promo stuff from each of the films in the coming weeks and months. I’m really impressed with the casting of Lovelace and I can’t wait to see more.


  • why is hollywood making two of the same movies…. ugh. same with snow white. so dumb.

    • Sarah

      that actually happens a lot in Hollywood. people just don’t always notice, because usually one movie gets a lot of attention and the other doesn’t.

    • AmandaNikita

      I know, it’s very random. Why at the same time, and why 2 stories so old that they could have been made ages ago? Just dumb.

  • Viola

    FWIW, I’d never see this movie. It’s such a miserable, miserable story–I can’t see thinking it was entertaining. Not that I only see “happy” movies or anything, but I just don’t think that an all-star cast makes a movie about one woman’s torture and degradation more palatable.

    • Z

      Totally agree w/ you, Viola.

  • Fabio

    I can wait to see it

  • Eric

    Does anyone remember, years ago, when Courtney Love was in line to play Linda Lovelace? Well come to think of it she probably just attached herself to the project… (Pulls a script out of her purse written on a Wendys napkin)

  • AmandaNikita

    I am interested in seeing both films, because I love the era and would really like to know more about Linda’s story. But honestly I see Malin as being far better suited than Amanda. I don’t think she looks the part at all, and though she’s played darker roles I feel she’s too innocent to pass as porn star. But considering the cast seems way stronger in general for Lovelace, I’m banking on it being stronger as a whole.