Is Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis’ Relationship On The Rocks?


It is unconfirmed (and I do hope it isn’t true) but horrible rumors have surfaced about Johnny Depp and his partner of nearly a decade, Vanessa Paradis, heading to splitsville. Are they true?

A few weeks ago other ugly rumors emerged about Johnny having some kind of midlife alcohol crisis and Vanessa being less than happy about this. Johnny apparently has been partying and working like he is a 20-something single guy, not the 40 year old father of two, and Vanessa isn’t happy about this.

It is sad to think that this Hollywood heavyweight couple might be heading for a breakup. They have an unconventional relationship (and so far have been given credit for this), famously rejecting the whole marriage thing, but often they are also living apart in different cities. She’s rarely with him while he’s on location, and maybe now the fact that they dont spend much time together is catching up with them?

I do secretly hope that these rumors aren’t true because its always so sad to think about a couple that has been together so long, and have a family together, coming to a bitter end. I also hope that the stuff about Johnny and an alcohol problem isn’t what they are making it out to be. If it is though, let’s hope Vanessa stays with him to get him through it all. Is this all wishful thinking for a Friday morning?

If it all goes bad, the upshot (if there is one) will be watching all the single A-list women fight over the newly single (and very hot) 40 year old bachelor? Who do you think would make the play for him first?


  • Juneh

    Nooo! :( I love these two!

  • Noelle

    i hope this isn’t true. One of my biggest dislikes is how hungry the rumor patrol is to break up celebrity marriages/partnership. (This is not a dig at you or pinkisthenewblog, Trent!)

  • Ama

    I don’t think this is true. This couple seems to have a strong relationship-I believe they are a couple to sit down and talk about things, every couple has problems-yes, but I don’t think a strong relationship will end due to what is being reported for this supposed ‘break-up’, unless there is something more serious going on.

  • Shavonne

    I would like to hope that a couple like them, together for 14 years, wouldn’t split because of arguments. After all, one of them can just take off to their island to calm down! I don’t think this is true, but we’ll see.

  • J

    Why do you say keep saying he is 40?! He is 49 this year. More like 50 year old bachelor.

  • nova1

    Their “troubles” started a little over a year ago, which was about the time all the “living apart” started. He had a thing with an extra on the Pirates set in Hawaii back then, got all huffy with the media about it and here we are. Just because they’re splitting doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have gotten together in the first place. People change and fairy tales are in books, ok? You should all really be hoping that they will remain on very good terms for those kids.

    • ChristineLA

      I agree, and I also think it is pretty ridiculous to refer to the rumors as “horrible”. No one’s dying here, if they are splitting up, I just hope they do it in such a way that the kids are okay.