First Look: Lindsay Lohan Is The New Face Of FCUK Fragrances


Dang … it’s turning out to be a banner year for Lindsay Lohan, especially since the release of her first ever Playboy magazine nude pictorial. As you may recall, we learned late last month that L. Lo has been named as the new celebrity spokesmodel for JAG Jeans. Today we learn that FCUK (French Connection UK) has chosen Lindsay as the new celebrity spokesmodel for their fragrance called Friction. The official website for Friction features the first promo image of Lindsay promoting the smell … which you can see for yourselves below.

fric-tion noun \’frik-­?shen\

what better way to describe a fragrance that generates so much heat? fcuk has once again shocked, amused and provoked buzz worthy chat with friction, the newest fragrance duo to join the bold and seductive fragrance dynasty. fcuk friction is an alluring blend of fresh citrus, sensual musk and warm woods – scents with addictive notes that pique all five senses and leave you begging for more…

an ultra feminine mix of hypnotic fruity florals and tantalizingly seductive vanilla that penetrate the senses. its velvety coconut and sensual warmth will keep him coming back for more.

HMMM … TWO new endorsement deals since Lindsay posed nekkid for Playboy magazine? Methinks the girl may have found her calling. Who needs acting? Not Lindsay! Well, OK, maybe she really does need more acting gigs … but these endorsement deals must be paying her the big bucks … er, well, some bucks at the very least. Plus, the more products she endorses, the more visibility she gets. As long as homegirl stays OUT OF TROUBLE (ie. OUT OF JAIL) she has a real chance at turning her life around. I may be really cautiously optimistic here but … 2012 could turn out to be Lindsay’s most successful year in ages. I’m keeping my fingers crossed … L. Lo seems to be on the right track … let’s hope she stays on the right track :)


  • Capt. Crunch Jr.

    I can’t be the only one who was reading “FCUK fragrances” as something totally different…

  • kevin

    LOL you can ” scratch and sniff” no thanks

  • thats still shot from that really gross video she shot “private party with lindsay” or something. she needs to stop posing as a grunge sex symbol all the time. its so old and does not help her one bit.

  • Krissy

    I dont know how much success they will have with Lindsey as the spokesperson. The smells she brings to mind aren’t pleasant.

  • Joanna

    And to think I thought higher of FCUK…yuck! Bad move FCUK.

  • Junior Mint

    Idk…Friction+LoLhan=itchy genitals. It just sounds like your crotch with itch if you use it. No thanks, I’ll pass!

    • Krissy


  • Junior Mint

    The bottle looks like douche :/

  • rOXy

    Just no.

  • Andreya

    how could a fragrance “pique all five senses”? Smell, obviously. Sight, ok mabe the bottle is cool but hearing? Dumb campaign fronted by a dumb girl.

  • Andreya