Snoop Doggy Dog Hosts ‘The Price is Right’


Snoop Dog really is such a joker and we just love him for it! The rapper showed up on daytime tv’s, The Price is Right, today and raised $72,585 for his charity, the Snoop Youth Football League. Who would have thought a rapper and daytime television would come together? He mightn’t be the most hardcore of rappers for it, and might take some slack from them for it, but I think it is just so damn lovable.

Did you see today’s episode? Snoop co-hosted with the show’s main man, Drew Carey, during the Showcase Showdown, giving away a prize trip to the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans, where The Dog is performing. He even had the game show host classic sayings down pat – “ANNNND THE ACTUAL RETAIL PRICE IIIIISSSSS…”

Check out some of the footage below and tell us what you think. Cool dog or rap traitor?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    And that Doggie Dizzle is straight Gangsta Bizzle!! I LOVE IT!!

  • Britt

    The episode with Snoop aired on Monday. Daughtty was the guest today. It is celebrity week on Price is Right. Each day celebrities help out each contestant that get on stage and if the contestant wins the prize, the celebrity also gets the value of each prize donated to their favorite charity. Neil Patrick Harris was adorable on Wednesday.

  • Kari

    Hilarious! He does such a great job. Maybe he needs to replace Drew?

  • nicole

    i love snoop haha

  • Paul

    It was hi-larious…I have been quoting him all week…”anyone got birds??” haha

  • superjosh

    I’m not sure what I think about adding Melissa in to the mix (but welcome to the blog!), but since people are criticizing the difference it writing styles/content, maybe it would be better if Melissa’s posts carried a different heading?

    People come to this blog because they’ve fallen in love with Trent amazing personality and it’s jarring to read something thinking it’s Trent but then feeling like it’s… off or something. Just my 2 cents!

  • Sarah

    @superjosh – I am with you. I love Trent’s writing style – it’s what keeps me coming back to the blog every day. I get it – he’s a busy guy, and needs the help of a writer, but I feel like every post that I read by Melissa is “almost Trent…. sort of Trent…. wait, not Trent”.

    I also keep expecting to see a post, telling us about the news, and explaining why the blog is different (from Trent himself).

    …. still LOVE the blog and will always read it.. it just feels a little off lately.

    • superjosh

      Agreed! I love this blog and will always be a fan, but the differences in writing personality are too different. Sorry to say, but Melissa sounds more tabloid.