Justin Bieber Shows Off His Newest Jesus Tattoo


Back in May of last year, popstar Justin Bieber was spotted showing off his second tattoo when he got the name Jesus tattooed in Hebrew on his ribs (you may recall his father got a matching tattoo as well). Today we learn that The Biebs got himself a second Jesus tattoo (his third tattoo overall). For his newest tattoo, Bieber got a classic photo of Jesus Christ tattooed on his left calf … which you can see in the photos below.

I would say that 2 Jesus tattoos means that Justin Bieber really, really hearts Jesus. It’s unknown if Daddy Bieber once again got a matching tattoo with his son but, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if that turns out to be the case. HMMM. I have to wonder how many more tattoos Justin Bieber will get inked on his body … and how many of those tattoos will be Jesus-related. If he’s anything like David Beckham, well, then he’s just getting started.

So I gotta ask … what do y’all think of JB’s new tattoo?

[Photo credit: Fame Pictures]

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  • Claire


    • Panti Christ

      Even Jesus is rolling his eyes at this one

    • @Panti Christ — LOL :D

  • Kelly

    If he is that religious, shouldn’t he be singing gospel songs and not grabbing his crotch all the time while his pants are falling off?

    • Sergeja


    • Jstar

      Or his girlfriend’s ass??

    • Krissy


    • Claire

      Christians are allowed to be people :P

  • Johnny

    It looks like Jesus is really happy about having to look at what’s under bieber’s short! A caption should say “why god? What did I do to deserve this?” … Ridic!

    • megsterg

      Haha. But really, why would you get a tattoo of Jesus with him giving that look?

  • Sara

    Personally I think men should wait until they go through puberty before they start tattooing their bodies. ;P

  • ck1

    You guys are too funny! Agree with all of you.

    Strange, the one picture of him bending over looks like his butt is too big, and his spine sticking out grosses me out.

    • Capt. Crunch Jr.

      Good god he’s a stegosaurus!

  • Pretty graphic…. how old is he? and how is this going to stretch as he grows?

  • Tygz

    Jesus is looking up his shorts.

  • Will

    looks like jesus is rolling his eyes :P

  • Bethany

    I don’t get it…I’m a big fan of Jesus, but I do NOT want His face tattooed on any part of me. So strange!

    • anonymous

      I agree. He should also stop getting so many tattoos or else he’s gonna look like his dad

  • sals

    yeah, all due respect to the man up there, but that is one ridiculous tattoo and yeah, it looks like jesus is rolling his eyes at bieber! LOL…

  • D

    Looks pretty faded to be fresh. Maybe its just a temp? Either way, that is a terrible tattoo and it looks like Jesus himself is going “OMG…WTF…”.

  • LV

    WWJD – Not this.

  • Jules

    I am not sure why everyone is hating on this tattoo. Perhaps it’s just some of their childish hate for Bieber showing through, but I see no problem with this tattoo.

    Not to mention, that look on Jesus’s face is a very popular one for tattoos. Take for instance, Benji Madden’s tattoo on his neck (in a much more visible location):


    Yet everyone wants to hate on Justin Bieber just because it’s “the cool” thing to do. Am I a Bieber fan? No. But I can appreciate tattoos and what they mean to people.

    Just like those of you on here talking about “he needs to stop or he’ll look like his dad!” First of all, just because you get a lot of tattoos doesn’t mean you will automatically look like any other person with a lot of tattoos. That’s like saying he will look like Benji, or Becks.

    Second, so what if he looks like his Dad? IT’S HIS DAD, and he obviously loves him very much.

    I think people need to get off his ass. He can do whatever he wants.

  • Jodi

    It looks like Jesus is cross-eyed. At the very least Jesus is having to stare up Justin’s pants. *sigh* Maybe he can get it covered later in life.

  • Isabelle

    I wonder how it’s possible for tattoo-artist to ink people this young. I live in Beglium, and the guy who did my tattoos would flat out refuse to tattoo something like this on someone this young.