Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith’s New Sexy Track: Will This Be On Your Playlist?


This kid works hard – just moments before the clock ticked over on December 31, Biebs tweeted the first glimpse of his new track with pal, Jaden Smith. 2012 seems like a new phase for him, and we like it.

This isn’t the first time the friends have collaborated together, but Thinking Bout You, is more mature, slower and sexier -maybe a sign that little Justin is growing up. The lyrics,”I’ve been thinking bout forever” and “I’m gonna be the man that treats you right” make it seem like Biebs has maybe experienced true love, real mature love perhaps?

Since he first arrived on the music scene with “Baby”, Justin has really grown up in his music and in life. Check out Justin and Jaden’s cover of “Thinking About You.” . I like it – what do you think of his 2012 sound?


  • Tina G

    Like! Especially the piano part. You catching some Bieber fever Trent?

    • kendra

      Trent didn’t post this..It was the new person Melissa.. :)

  • kendra

    Ummm..No. Just..No.. :)

    • Tina G

      Ah, right you are about the author.

      Listening to this again I really wish it was just Justin on this song. Still a good cover though.

    • Meghan

      Oy! I don’t think I can deal with Justin Bieber posts on this site! Unless it is making fun of his ridiculousness.

  • Jess

    Ummm isn’t Jaden like…12?

    • Carl

      LMAO that was my thought too….he’s 12 and Bieber’s like 13 so yeah, it’s just awkward.

  • Trisha

    Aww – I think it is cute! Jaden is 13 and the Biebs is 17 – don’t you remember how crazy in love you were in middle and high school and how you KNEW it would be foreva’ – that this was THE ONE? Let them be young and sing their little true love hearts out!

  • Michele

    I think that as we get older we forget that we felt these feelings at that age now. It’s easy to look back or look at someone like Justin Beiber who is singing love songs and be like “you’re 15 what do you know about love”, but you have to remember that when you were 15 you felt that way too. I like the song. Also when we were in highschool/middle school (if you are in your mid 20’s like me) we had N’Sync and Britney Spears, they were teens singing about love and stuff too. If you don’t like the music that’s ok, but it really shouldn’t be based on the age of the performer. You either like a song or you don’t. This song is pretty good I’m not a huge fan of slow love jams, but if I were to listen to them this would probably be on the playlist with Baby Bash and KC and JoJo.

  • Chris

    This isn’t a Justin Bieber song, he’s doing a cover of the same song by Frank Ocean that came out months ago.