Hello! I’m Melissa, The New Kid On The Blog


Hi guys! Melissa here, the newest member of the Pink Is The New Blog team. Actually, I’m only the second person to blog regularly for the site, after Trent of course. I am so excited to be joining the Pink team just as we kick off an exciting 2012! Just like all of you, I have been a huge fan of Trent for ages, and I’m so honored to be able to bring you the latest news, goss, stories and more from my end of the country. Now I suppose you wanna know a bit about me, huh?

I’m an Aussie gal — I grew up on sunny Bondi Beach in Sydney — but I swapped the sun and the sea for the buzz of NYC, and I haven’t looked back since. (It’s just the tan I’m missing!). Still, I’m a proud Aussie and will always claim rights to Hugh (aghh, that bod!), the gorgeous and forever in our hearts, Heath, Nicole, Kate and the one and only Kylie! You can tell, there’s some overlap with Trent’s and my interests, but there’s plenty of other actors, musicians, and style icons I can’t wait chat with you all about.

I love living in the Big Apple, I am besotted with my gorgeous West Village neighborhood, and spend my days writing, shopping and eating. You can always find me in one of the cute cafes with a soy chai and my MacBook Pro! I cant wait to bring you the latest East Coast news as it hits, and of course all the NY goss and goings on. Look out for fashion updates, the best and worst looks on the red carpet and on the streets, celeb sightings, the latest on NY restaurants, bars and shops, and of course you will be the first to hear about engagements, weddings, babies and breakups.

I always want to hear your thoughts (good or bad!) so don’t be shy and drop me a line or a comment. You can reach me at melissa@pinkisthenewblog.com, and of course follow us on Twitter at @PITNB

I can’t wait to make new friends, so be sure to say hi!

Lotsa love,
Melissa xoxo

  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    Welcome melissa…

  • Brandon

    Welcome :)

  • Courtney

    hi there! welcome!

  • Liza

    Um…please ignore my comment on previous post asking what’s up with this “melissa” biz. That’s what I get for having my rss feed go in reverse order.

    Welcome, Melissa!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Hello Melissa! You have big shoes to fill. I am sure you can do a great job or Trent wouldn’t have hired you but lets be clear. If you thought Beiber had wild, crazy fans then you have never met a PINKISTHENEWBLOG regular. Don’t make me get all digitally crazy on you:)!!! GOOOOOOD LUCK.

    • Meghan

      LOL! Agree Mr. G!

    • nicole


  • Sarah

    Shocked, surprised, and intrigued. Good luck Melissa, coz Trent has some FIERCE fans. lol.

  • Juneh


  • AJ

    Looking forward to the new year with you Melissa! So pretty to, AND aussie? So jealous of you right now! lol

  • kendra

    Welcome Melissa! I must say, now that I’m visiting my sister in MN, it’s been nice to catch some goss much earlier than I’m used to! Maybe this means Trent can sleep in once in a while.. ;)

  • Brittany

    Welcome aboard!

  • LiQue

    welcome melissa

  • Lyss

    Hey Melissa! :D
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table :) WELCOME!


  • Kelly

    Welcome to PITNB, Melissa! :)

  • Adriana

    Welcome Melissa! Really looking forward to your future blogs. – Another PITNB REGULAR **side note – will keep an eye out for you in the WVillage**

  • Joanna

    Mr. G you took the words right out of my mouth. Anyway, welcome Melissa and I hope Trent treats you well (how could he not? He’s awesome!)

  • Thanks guys- so excited to be on board!! I know I have big shoes to fill, but luckily Trent is very much still wearing them too! Lets see how he likes stilettos :)

  • Lila

    Hi Melissa. You seem like a great girl :) I’m sure you will work well.
    But I must say I’m kind of bummed that Trent won’t be the only blogger on this site anymore… Will he write less than before?

    Good luck melissa and looking forward to reading you!

    • @Lila — “I’m kind of bummed that Trent won’t be the only blogger on this site anymore… Will he write less than before?” Don’t be bummed, I will not be writing any less … and Melissa will only be adding MORE :)

    • Lila

      Ok, I’m relieved then ! :-)

      Was that the big secret you were telling us about a few months ago?

  • Jade

    Welcome, Melissa!! I can only hope that this means more stories (I really mean pictures!) of Eric Bana!!!!

  • Colleen

    Welcome Melissa! Wish you all the best at PITNB. I’m very much looking forward to your content!

  • Debho

    G’day Melissa, from one Aussie to another. :)

  • nellstar

    Welcome aboard

  • kat

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,
    Oui, Oui, Oui !!!

    • Loving all the Aussie love!!!! Oy! oy! oy! :)

  • Emma

    Sending you a warm welcome from Scotland :).
    Always glad of more gossip!

  • Emma

    You sound great, but I’m disappointed-not by you AT all but by the overall move. It sounds like pinkisthewblog is going corporate, like Paris Hilton. I’ve been a pink fan for years…it’s hard to see a new era come.

  • dani white

    Love your work, Mel! You’ll be a great Pinkster. xxx

  • Dezden

    Welcome!! :) You’re adorable and look like a ton of fun! I look forward to reading your posts and learning more about you!

    • Thanks Dezden! I appreciate your support :)

  • megsterg

    Welcome! I just have one request – I feel like every post should have the same format. It’s really annoying to have every post look different with different sized pictures from different people. And who is posting when it says posted by: PITNB?

  • PCC


    You are seriously hot. Single?


    • You’ll just have to keep reading to find out as I reveal more about myself… :)

  • Jen

    I’m in NJ, I’d love some good tips for here as well as NYC. Welcome!


    If I’m being honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I mean, I’ve been coming to this blog since 2005 almost every single day and, well… I don’t know. It feels impersonal now. Trent, I love you, but for awhile you were barely posting new stories at all; there would be the same stories from the day before and sometimes days before all on the same page. If this means there will be more frequent stories then that’s great and the purpose of adding Melissa on the site, I’m assuming, but it just feels a little…contrived and unnecessary. One of the things I like about PITNB is that it’s personal and not corporate like other blogs. As a loyal reader, I’m just not sure. I’ve been feeling that you [Trent] haven’t been passionate about PITNB like you used to, but that’s just my honest opinion. No offense, of course. *hides*

    • rOXy

      @Chase: Aside from a polite and warm welcome to Melissa, I have to agree with you. We should give her a chance, though to see how she warms up to her new job. It can be scary, I’m sure, to be thrown into an established readership.

      This is the blog I have been coming to since its early days, I stil have my brand spankingnew PITNB tshirt with Trent’s face plastered on the front in pink. I read this site more than any other because 1. Trent has always had a funny, intelligent, classy personality and I admire his candidness in sharing his opinions. If he reports on something he isn’t so fond of, he doesn’t bash it but treats it with respect while still getting his point across in a unique way. I love Trent’s writing style and I love keeping up with his life – I feel like I know his friends and they always have such a good time. He would post pictures of Christmas parties at the homes of his Detroit friends which showed them all shit faced and happy to be together. It became part of my holiday season. 2. The regular commenters here are bright and often bring and angle or spin to a story that isn’t out there any where else. I love the comments section here because everyone addresses Trent like they know him personally and often times he answers back. He engages his commenters and really listens.

      I hope Melissa doesn’t stay behind the curtain as a guest or ghost writer. I hope she proudly puts her name on an article and allows us to get to know her and about her life. She must be pretty darn special if Trent chose her, after all.

      Happy 2012 Trent, Melissa and everyone!

    • @Roxy, don’t worry I don’t plan to be a ghost writer. I hope you get to know and like me, just as you do Trent. Don’t be a stranger! Happy 2012 to you too!

  • Jennifer

    Welcome Melissa!! I’m cautiously optimistic about a new blogger working with Trent as I would also consider myself a longtime daily reader. As long as you’re not drawing penises on pictures, coke residue on noses, or pledging your allegiance to anything Kardashian, I think we’ll be just fine!

  • Welcome, Melissa. I hope to get to know you well so I can borrow your perfect teeth sometime ;)

    *wonders aloud* Hmmm, Trent is branching out, hmmm, wonder when he’ll need a Vancouver correspondent for a little Great White North perspective, hmmm?

  • Thank you for your support guys! I know that for many of you this is a huge change, I hope that you are excited about what I can bring to the blog. I look forward to getting to know you all and you me. I promise.. I’m a nice gal :)

  • Johnny

    It’s just weird that Trent never mentioned Melissa pre-first-post … and she had to introduce herself like a hacker.

    • Sarah

      Yeah, why did Trent never mention this? Or explain the reasoning for a new blogger?

  • Lyke

    Well done girlie! Looking forward to reading your stuff :) XX