Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Jet Home To LA After Hanging In NYC With His Mom


Last weekend, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes traveled together from LA to NYC in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple. Ryan and Eva did spend NYE together (but they were really shy about it). After Ryan spent New Year’s Day with his mother Donna Gosling, it was time to pack up his bag and fly back to LA … which he did yesterday with ladylove Eva Mendes nearby.

Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes jetted out New York separately today after spending the New Year weekend there with his mother. The pair were in the Big Apple for just three days as they enjoyed a break in the Northeastern region of the United States. But the trip was hardly a holiday for Mendes as it is believed the actress was meeting Ryan’s mother for the first time. The couple have been caught in affectionate clinches a number of times recently but have not announced their relationship officially yet. However, if she’s been introduced to the other lady in her beau’s life, things are obviously going well. The stars repeated the same format as they did for their outbound flight From LAX last week, arriving at the airport today disguised and separately so not to draw attention to themselves. But their efforts were in vain as the actor – who rushed back to California in preparation for awards season – was forced to shield his face with Frankenstein comic book as he traipsed through the terminal. Eva on the other hand opted for a chocolate brown Russian-style hat and avoided the odd traditional of wearing sunglasses inside as celebrities often do to their detriment. The 37-year-old could well step out the red carpet with her flame on January 15 when he will attend the Golden Globe awards where he is nominated for two gongs.

Before Ryan and Eva bid adieu to NYC, People magazine reports that the pair enjoyed a fun movie night … with Ryan’s mom!

Ryan Gosling welcomed in the New Year with his two leading ladies: girlfriend Eva Mendes – and his mother, Donna. After spending some quality time together earlier in the day Sunday, the mother-son duo met up with Mendes to go to an AMC movie theater in uptown Manhattan. “They all hung out and went to the movies together,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Ryan and Eva seemed very happy.”

Um … I guess I kinda understand why the couple are trying to be sneaky but … they’re not really being sneaky. Showing up at the airport at slightly different intervals and boarding the same plane separately is a trick that might’ve worked back in the 1950s (and hiding behind reading materials is a trick that barely worked in the 1920s) but … I think we’ve gotten a bit more savvy these days. We’ll have to see if Ryan and Eva plan to go public with their already kinda sorta public relationship as the Awards Season gets underway. My guess is that Ryan will, once again, bring his mother Donna as his date to the big awards shows this year. But cross country trips together seem pretty evident of a semi serious relationship … especially if Eva was introduced to Mama Gosling. HMMM. We shall see.

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily; Source, Source]

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