Diddy Blocks Rosie From His Miami Party For Having An Entourage (Bigger Than His)


Did you hear the latest goss from NYE? Rosie O’Donnell was refused entrance into Sean “Diddy” Combs’ New Year’s Eve bash on Miami’s Star Island for turning up with an entourage. Who would have thought that Rosie would be one of those?

The Diddy soiree was the party of the night and when Rosie was refused, she was prevented from partying with Rihanna, Vivica Fox, Nelly, Matt Kemp, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. Would have been an awesome party no doubt, with Sean at the helm. He had also personally invited Rosie, but apparently she rocked up dressed super casually with six people in tow, and security wouldn’t let them in. Gasp! That would have been embarrassing for them – poor Rosie.

But who is Diddy’s team to complain about the size of one’s entourage? The rapper, vodka rep, and fragrancier never travels without his extensive gang of bodyguards, assistants, and hangers-on, whom go with him to public events to ensure that his hair is perfectly in place — and Ciroc vodka bottle in camera shot — at all times. Come on Diddy: You’re a fan of the entourage yourself so couldn’t you have given Rosie a chance? A big time talk show host needs her own cadre of associates.

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  • Angel

    He’s an egomaniac! and you’re on point with your take one this…silly rabbitt!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LMAO!!! Kind of funny…She shows up all “super casual” AKA white trash. I loves this.

  • ChristineLA

    This is so ridiculous. He of the massive entourage should not be casting this particular stone. What a hypocrite, Diddy just seriously works my last nerve, in general, but this is laughable.

  • Daniel

    Has your writing style changes? Feels very magazine-ish now for some reason!

    • Daniel

      *changed* that is

    • Jeni

      chages/changed, either way I think she’s right. Sumthin’s up.

    • ChristineLA

      Check the bottom of the post, a poster on a different entry noticed the “Posted By: Melissa” earlier today.

  • Joon

    I was just thinking the same thing … Is someone ghost writing for you Trent? Or trying a new style for the new tear? I feel like I’m reading someone else’s blog.

    • kendra

      In the “They’re Here” post, I asked the same thing..Trent said they’ve hired a new writer..It’s her first day posting..It’ll take some getting used to but Trent is still posting, too! Welcome Melissa!

    • Meghan

      Welcome to Melissa, but the story she posts are too TMZ like. They are too different from Trent’s style!

  • Daniel

    Hmmm…not sure I like this. If this turns into a “company” of writers I’ll have to move on. The fact he’s a single blogger was what originally lured me here. Adding writers and increasing these ads is getting to be too much. Maybe Trent’s outgrown the mold but if that’s what he wants then I wish him the best!

    • Krissy

      A two person operation is still pretty small! Don’t you think you might be over reacting a bit?

    • Meghan

      Maybe overreacting a bit, but at the same time Trent is very discriminating about the stories he blogs about. So far today we have had stories about Johnny Weir and Rosie O’Donnell! It shocked me because I couldn’t believe stories were actually being posted about them!

  • JCZ

    Team Donald Trump still.

    • Jim

      Lol! Me too.

  • rebecca

    oh bollocks, not happy with a second writer. I agree about the weird goss-mag writing style. I liked Trent’s writing because it seemed more personal, less generic. 2 people is small, but it’s also double the size of 1! Ha.
    Ah well, I could easily give up another website to read. We’ll see how this turns out. There are a million more out there if this one loses its sparkle!

  • noizy

    The different writing style is painfully obvious. Don´t like the mood this post creates at all, sorry to say it.

  • Dezden

    Aw.. I love Rosie. I’m still mad at Diddy over the Danity Kane split, so Ro should go have her own party.