David Beckham Has Decided To Keep Playing Soccer For The LA Galaxy


Back in November, after David Beckham successfully completed his 5 year playing contract with the LA Galaxy when the team won the MLS Championship, rumors were flying around ALL OVER THE PLACE that Becks was planning to move his entire family back to Europe so that he could play professional soccer in France. By pretty much all accounts, even when you consider the things that Becks said publicly to the press, it sounded like he was ready to make the move. Today we learn that not only will David Beckham NOT be playing soccer in France but that he plans to sign a new contract with the LA Galaxy so that he and his family can stay here in LA for the foreseeable future.

David Beckham is set to stay with the Los Angeles Galaxy after turning down a chance to join Paris Saint-Germain, the French club said Tuesday. After weeks of negotiations with PSG, the 36-year-old midfielder and former England captain decided he doesn’t want to move his family from the United States. “David Beckham is not coming,” PSG President Nasser al-Khelaifi said at the Qatar Open tennis tournament. “We feel a little disappointed. But both sides agreed it would be better that we not do the deal … maybe in the future.” Beckham’s five-year contract with the Galaxy ended after he won his first MLS Cup in November. He was wooed by several clubs across Europe. “David Beckham is (with) Los Angeles,” al-Khelaifi said. “And he’s going to stay there.” Beckham will try to finalize a new deal this week with the Galaxy, which was paying him an annual base salary of $6.5 million. French media had reported Beckham would have been paid almost double that at PSG, whose Qatari owners have spent more than $100 million on players during six months in charge … Beckham and wife Victoria, a former member of the “Spice Girls,” moved to California in 2007 after he left Real Madrid. The celebrity couple now have four children and decided during a Christmas break in England that they did not want to move back to Europe permanently. “I’m very proud of the time that I’ve spent with the Galaxy and it might continue,” Beckham stressed recently.

Reports coming out of France make it very clear that Becks took his family’s wishes into consideration in making his decision … it sounds like his family wants to stay in LA so he will stay in LA:

David Beckham has decided not to join Paris Saint-Germain for family reasons, according to reports in France. The former England captain, 36, had been widely linked with a move to the Qatari-owned French club but could now extend his spell in the United States with Los Angeles Galaxy. “It’s over. It’s a shame,” PSG sporting director Leonardo told L’Equipe. “But the welfare of his family in LA, the wish not not to change everything in his life, weighed heavily” … the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star looks like remaining in the US following discussions with his family and business partner Simon Fuller. It is understood that Beckham’s wife, Victoria, and their four children feel settled in California and are happy to stay. Beckham’s contract with Galaxy expired on 31 December but the club and Major League Soccer have now offered him a one-year rolling deal. Crucially, the new contract would include dispensation for Beckham to be part of the Great Britain football team at the 2012 London Olympics, should he be selected.

Woot!! This is the best news ever! To be honest, I was only marginally fearful that David Beckham would decide to play soccer in France … but even then, I assumed his family would be staying primarily here in SoCal. I guess that was the plan all along and Becks decided A.) that he didn’t want to be apart from his family for long periods of time and/or B.) he simply cannot uproot his family from LA. I, personally, am just beyond thrilled that the Beckham Bunch will be staying here in LA for the forseeable future. I’m CERTAIN the LA Galaxy is thrilled to have him back on the team as well ;) Je suis désolé, people of France … but we’re gonna hang on to David Beckham for as long as we can!

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  • kendra

    This news has made my day! I thought for sure he’d want to get some European playing under his belt to show he’s ready for the national team, but so stoked he’s staying!! On a side note, I really wish you didn’t have the ads for The Devil Inside on your site..That movie looks so scary!!! ;)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Good, that still gives me time to track him down in LA:)!!!!

  • Isabelle

    I just will never understand how somone, anyone, can earn 3,333,333 $ a month to play soccer. It’s indecent.