Watch: Kelsey Grammer Serenades His Wife At Their Wedding, Sings ‘What Kind Of Fool Am I?’


Last Friday evening, Kelsey Grammer and his mistress-turned-fiancée Kayte Walsh got married in a lavish ceremony on Broadway at the Longacre Theater in NYC, NY. Today, TMZ brings us video from inside Kelsey and Kate's wedding reception where the groom serenaded his blushing bride with a mournful rendition of the song What Kind of ...

Time Out Berlin


Welp ... today was a total wash for David and me here in Berlin. Because we both stayed up until after 5:00 AM local time to watch the Academy Awards last night (and root for our boy Trent Reznor), we kinda slept until 2:30 PM ... and then both had to work a full ...

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Les News, 022811


Baby Sloths present: Charlie Sheen quotes Matthew Morrison goes solo. Marriage equality. John Galliano loves Hitler, apparently. Um ... what the HELL is going on at Disney World? Cee Lo isn't as much fun without all the feathers. Art is gay? More Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Chérie. The anti-gay marriage amendment dies in Wyoming. Waaaaay too much bronzer, McConaughey. Anne Hathaway just couldn't stop ...

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