Goodbye, 2011


And … that’s pretty much all, folks. We here on the West Coast are currently counting down the hours left of 2011 while folks on the other side of the planet are already well into 2012. Altho 2011 wasn’t a great year for many folks, it was a pretty good year for me. David and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary with an AMAZING trip to Berlin, Germany, I FINALLY got to meet Britney Spears and I end the year happy & healthy. All in all, what more can you ask for?

I want to extend a personal Thank You to each and every one of you for another fantastic year together. I’m really at a loss that another year has come and gone but … well, here we are. I hope every one of us has a great night tonight and that we all stay safe and sound. Have a blast, enjoy the last hours of 2011 and … here’s to a great 2012!!

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  • 2011 was pretty awesome since it’s the year I “found” you! That makes me really happy! Here’s hoping 2012 ends with us having met face to face. :)

    Love you! Give my love to David! ♥♥♥

  • John

    Happy New Year Trent & co! Happy New Year everybody let’s dance till the world ends! :)

  • Balito

    TRENT,,, where’s my PEACE THE SPORK OUT 2011!!! i only love for this and now what!!! YOU OWE ME… :(

    • Balito