Ryan Gosling Makes A HAWT Mixed Martial Arts Fighter


Ryan Gosling, lord have mercy, has taken up a new hobby … and it looks like it’s gonna be FUN keeping track of his new venture. This week, Ryan was spotted making his way out of a Mixed Martial Arts studio here in LA in various states of sweaty undress and, naturally, he’s been photographed in the process. Now, it’s unclear if Ryan is merely MMA training for fun or if he is preparing for an upcoming role but … the end result is the same … homeboy looks HAWT in the process. Click below and see for yourselves.

He was spotted leaving a Mixed Martial Arts class in Hollywood yesterday. And Ryan Gosling showed just how he gets into action man shape by attending another session today. The 31-year-old Drive star showed off his guns as he emerged from his daily workout in a white T-shirt. He appeared to have moved the class outside, by striking a martial art move in the parking lot. Ryan paired his printed top with some traditional Everlast boxing shorts and matching gloves. The actor, just like yesterday, was once again barefoot. Another accessory also came in the form of a sexy sheen of sweat he had obtain from the intense workout. Earlier the Hollywood heartthrob was seen getting ready to head to the fitness studio fully clothed. This time he was wearing shoes, a pair of tan lace-up leather boots, which he paired with a casual blue T-shirt and grey jeans. And just like yesterday he opted to put on his attire on the trunk of his car. He also carried a green canvas backpack trimmed with leather detail. It appears, however, that the day after day workouts are taking a toll on Ryan … Of course he still looked sexy and muscular as he exited the class in his all-black workout gear. He made another quick change, again in his car, putting on trousers over his workout shorts. While women all over the world would have given anything to be there for that particular moment, the Canadian actor seemed at ease with using his car as his dressing room.

LOL! I love this so much … I mean, yes Ryan looks good but he’s not even particularly undressed … he looks like (almost) every other guy who comes walking out of the gym after a vigorous work-out. But this is Ryan Gosling we’re talking about here so … yeah. I am REALLY hoping that all of this training has to do with a new film that he is preparing for. Can you imagine seeing a film with Ryan Gosling playing a sweaty, gritty MMA fighter? I can … and HOW! Man, I hope we get to see more photos of Gosling the potential MMA fighter … please, Universe, make it so ;)

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • apriljan

    More! MOAR!!!!

    • Danielle

      LOL!!! Agreed!!!!

  • Janaegal

    Yes, it’s his film, Lawless, where he fights a Bangkok police officer in a Thai fighting match.

    And yes I stalk his IMDB weekly and that’s how I know that.


    • @Janaegal — Bless you! Now I’m REALLY excited :)

  • jam

    ryan gosling makes a hawt anything!

  • Krissy

    Thank you for sharing these Trent!!!

    My favorite is the last shots where he is putting on his shoe. Just a normal everyday activity, but extra hot because his muscles are bulging.

  • JillyD

    It looks like the movie with the MMA type fighting is called Only God Forgives. Lawless is something else.

  • Janaegal

    @jillyD. So right!! Lawless is the Terrence Malick film which of course means secret plot.

    Ryan’s hotness distracted me.

  • nicole

    Ryan has officially taken over my dreams. i watches Crazy Stupid Love last night, and ever since..hes been on my mind..and these pictures dont help lol

  • Mariah

    Hottest. Piece. Of Ass. Ever.