RUMOR Has It That Beyoncé Already Gave Birth To A Baby Girl


Earlier this week a spirited rumor started going around that claimed that the heavily pregs Beyoncé secretly checked herself into a NYC hospital so that she could priavetly give birth. Today we learn that that rumor has evolved a bit … the claim is now that Beyoncé already privately gave birth to her secret baby … and it’s a girl … named Tiana May. Now, to be clear … this is a RUMOR only … a rumor that comes from the folks who started the ealrlier rumor. Is it true? Who knows … well, we should all know soon … but for now, treat this information as a RUMOR only.

The internet rumour mill has gone into over drive this morning with reports that Beyoncé has given birth to a baby girl. According to reports- which neither the singer herself nor husband Jay-Z have confirmed- Beyoncé has named her daughter Tiana May Carter. The Single Ladies star is said to have delivered at at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, a private facility in New York. A story published yesterday by claimed that nurses at the hospital were ‘buzzing’ at the news that they might be expecting Beyoncé and Jay Z. The baby suite is reportedly equipped to deliver three babies and sleep twelve people. Twitter has been abuzz with gossip and congratulations in relation to the birth rumours. Director and choreographer Adam Shankman tweeted: ‘Not meaning to start anything…but…did Beyonce have her baby?!? Just heard a bit on the radio… Is it true?’ Others are treating the news as certain, and have offered their blessing. One user wrote: ‘Congrats to Beyonce & Jay Z on new baby girl Tiana-May Carter.’ The appearance of the Beyoncé’s mother Tina, 57, sister Solange, 25, and nephew Julez in the city in recent days has added weight to the reports that the birth was imminent.

While some people are easily believing this report, others are skeptical … to say the least. I am on team skeptical but, to be honest, a small part of me thinks Yeah, this could be true. I’m not sure that I believe the baby’s name is Tiana May but I could see how Bey and hubby Jay-Z *might* be cooing over a newborn baby right now with no intention of letting the world in on the secret. Still … NONE OF THIS IS CONFIRMED … this report should be treated as COMPLETE GUESSWORK … so … we’ll see. What do y’all think? Do YOU believe Beyoncé gave birth already?


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  • I definitely can’t see B naming her baby Tiana May.

    • Krissy

      I could kind of see it, because her Mom’s name is Tina. Isn’t Beyonce herself named after family too? That said, I don’t put much faith in this rumor, and I hope that her name ends up being a little cuter than that.

  • nicole

    I thought jay said if he ever had a girl it would he named brooklyn… Who ever wrote this would have had more credit haha. But i have to admit i can totally see the name tina may being real.

  • Joanna

    I really don’t like the name so I’m guessing this is only a rumor and not fact. I would have thought that they would have given the baby a cooler name and not a boring dull name. I would like to believe this is true but until there is an actual confirmation from either of them then I don’t totaly believe this report. Also I’m not completely sure how many months along Beyonce was when she announced it back at the VMA’s so the timing could be totally right or completly off.

  • sarah

    Hmmm, if the name is Tiana, I wonder if they named her after Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. It seems farfetched and yet so appropriate at the same time.

  • Sergeja

    And here I thought she was due in February :))

    • Debho

      I thought she was due in February too. Unless she was further along when she announced her pregnancy than she said she was. Which would account for the fact that her tummy was bigger than it should have been and there was no fake padding.

  • cinner

    Just like when they got married, they didn’t say a word about it publicly in order to maintain some sembelence or privacy. I doubt they will make any type of announcement when she has their baby, so speculation is going to run rampant until like, a year from now when she obviously has had to have given birth already! :)

    • nicole

      the fact that she announced her pregnancy on the red carpet of the mtv awards.. i would totally expect an announcement when the babys born

  • Sara

    I love the fact that they’re so low key about their personal lives.
    Cute name, if its true.

  • EMMA

    I still think she’s faking the pregnancy and has a surrogate.

  • A.T.L

    Bey and Jay are a very private couple hey. We’d never know what’s goin’ on in their lives unless they announce it, so let’s just wait for the truth from them and don’t jump to conclusions y’all. This rumour is truely hard to believe and curiosity kills, especially curious on Beyonce, lol.