Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Her Hair Did


Last month we saw grainy video of Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of our dear Britney Spears, making her public debut as a Country music singer in Nashville, TN. Footage of JL’s burgeoning career as a Country artist was aired on Entertainment Tonight this week but, for the most part, Jamie Lynn has kept a tight lid on her new music. BUT, something tells me that that lid will be lifted very soon. To prepare for her reemergence into the limelight, Jamie Lynn has been readying herself for the public eye again … this week, she got her hair did with a set of shiny new extensions. Click below to see some of the photos that JL shared with her Twitter followers this week.

Getting my hairrrr diddd by @mallyb86 and @bonnienjordan / Check out what @bonnienjordan has done!!

Now that Britney is presumably taking a bit of a professional break — after she enjoyed a very, very successful 2011 — the time seems PERFECT for Jamie Lynn Spears to make her professional reemergence. As you may recall, Jamie Lynn was enjoying a pretty successful career in acting as the star of Nickelodeon’s teen series Zoey 101 … then she got pregnant and fell off the face of the professional planet. Now that her little baby is a little girl, it seems like JL is ready to get back to work. I’m not a big Country music fan but I’m curious to hear JL’s new music. I always thought she’d made a great pop star … I can’t wait to see what she’s got.


  • Krissy

    Its kind of funny that her hair turned out just like the person who is doing her hair!

  • Claire

    Looks so much better with long hair.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Sometimes she looks older than Britney O.o

  • Melissa

    In the photo where you can see her face peeking from behind the phone, it totally looks like it’s their mom sitting in that chair!
    I think the blonde is that ridiculous fake blonde color and she should go darker. But the hair looks good at least.

  • EMMA

    I love her. Even more than Britney, lol.