Giuliana Rancic Makes Her First Post Cancer Surgery In Person Appearance


Yesterday we got to see video of Giuliana Rancic’s first day back at work on E! News after her successful double mastectomy surgery only two weeks ago. Today we get to see new photos of Giuliana doing MORE work … as if she never had cancer surgery at all. Click below to see happy photos of Giuliana and hubby Bill Rancic at a in-person event they attended this week.

Brave Giuliana Rancic was joined by husband Bill at a public signing only two weeks after she underwent a double mastectomy. Smiling and posing for for photographs, the E! presenter wore a colourful slim patterned dress with gladiator-style heels on, while Bill looked sharp in a blue-grey suit and open necked white shirt. Hundreds of people turned up in Santa Monica Place to talk to the couple, wish her all the best and get a signed picture from them both. The couple were laughing and smiling throughout as they joked with each person they met. Giuliana, who returned to her presenting duties on E! News on Tuesday, first announced her breast cancer battle earlier in the autumn before undergoing a four-hour double mastectomy on December 13. Doctors have reported there is a ‘less than a one percent chance [the cancer] would reoccur,’ her husband Bill said shortly after the procedure. On Tuesday, Giuliana donned a Seventies-style mini-dress and looked radiant as she got back to her hosting duties on E! News … After the program she also appeared on a special edition of Fashion Police.

so … lemme get this straight. Two weeks ago, Giuliana undergoes double mastectomy surgery and then this week is back in front of the TV cameras to film not one but TWO new shows … AND THEN still have the strength to appear at an in-store appearance with her husband. Giuliana is amazing. Simply amazing. While I hope she doesn’t overdo it too much, I’m glad to see her looking so well so soon after her surgery. Love you, G :D

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Marcus_Em

    Seriously this woman is an inspiration! Never really gave her much thought but wow.. I hope people around the world who are going through similar situations will be inspired by her perserverence and fearelesness!

  • Jennifer W

    Guiliana is amazing. I find her a total inspiration

  • Diana

    I am glad for Giuliana and family that her recovery has been so amazing but, I think she should slow down a bit. Whether she feels great or not, she still needs to rest and recover. She’s an inspiration for sure but, she should remember to take it one step at a time!

    • Melissa

      I agree. If you look at her, she doesn’t look healthy at all. She’s literally skin and bones.
      The reason she looks “amazing” is because she is beautiful and she has stylists.
      She needs to gain about 15 lbs and slow down some and stop trying to do everything.
      It makes healing slower.

    • FIFI

      Sometimes you are skinny frame and she seems to have it.. she is super tall maybe gain a little weight but dont be haters, she is a great person and very brave, she has a great husband who supports her…
      fifi from Miami

  • brittany

    I think she is an inspiration but she needs to rest!! In that first picture she looks tired. I think getting back to work so soon is a mistake, this surgery (any surgery really) is a big deal and she should make sure everything is fine before going back to work.

  • megsterg

    She’s always been skin and bones. But I agree, she really should have taken more than 2 weeks off. She needs time for her body to heal.

  • jenn

    errrr. you guys. its not like this woman is performing brain surgery or digging ditches for her work. she stands in a tv studio or at a mall, doesnt she? (i actually dont know who this person is, i dont have a tv)

    i truly dont mean to downplay her cancer, but its also not like she has had chemotherapy or radiation. she had a very routine surgery and what sounds like very early (I or DCIS?) stage cancer. there are plenty of people battling cancer and heading off to work all around you. be inspired by them.

    • I hear what you are saying but I still think having 2 BODY PARTS removed is a big deal. She looks great and I hope she gets enough rest to heal properly. I’ve always liked her and I wish her well

    • Melissa

      This. She had what is considered a major surgery. It took 4 hours, and she was under anesthesia for it. That’s a lot of flesh that they removed, not to mention reconstructed, and then all the stitching? They tell people who have just implants not to do anything for months. I can’t imagine that she’s healed yet. They put in drains and stuff for that too. Unfortunately she seems like a completely work a holic, and yes, standing in front of cameras is all she does, but it’s still work. She should stay at home and REST and gain some weight.

    • FIFI

      HER WORK is only reading and is fun, is not like a STOCK TRADER stressed out like crazy,,,,,, so if she is getting distracted with that is her business… dont be haters.. she is a great person!

  • ChristineLA

    This is just textbook Giuliana to me, and I am happy to see it. She is not one to shirk her professional responsibilities, apparently even when recovering from major surgery. I so admire this woman, and I wish her continued recovery and wellness. I’m sure Bill was all over her making sure she was not exerting herself too much.

  • AmandaNikita

    I’m not being insensitive by any means, but does no one else see breasts in the first photo? I imagine it’s too soon for implants, so it’s either my eyes playing tricks or a bra of some kind. Regardless, so glad she’s doing well! But I agree that resting would probably be a good idea.

    • FIFI

      Noooo, is not too soon for implants, when you get that surgery there is a plastic surgeon there ready to put the new implants thats the way it is.thats the way the doctors perform it now…

  • K.

    they do the breast reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy in order for the patient to undergo one surgery, not two. so yes, she already has her implants.

  • Joan

    I love Giuliana, but I think this is way too soon. I am a recent 43 year old colon cancer survivor, and emotionally, you are raw after 2 weeks. I just hope she’s not running from her emotions. Your body needs to heal and needs calm and rest. It just doesnt make sense. I do wish her the all the best though.

  • Dezden

    I hope is okay. They hosted part of the Times Square stuff on NYE… though I was far, far away, it was great to see them on the screen.

  • I am watching Guiliana at work on the SAG awards and am amazed knowing her breast ca ordeal. I had a double mastectomy a day after her. I am in chemo for 4 mths, have painful expanders in place and will have radiation. Then I can consider reconstruction. Every woman’s diagnosis & treatment is different. I congratulate her for her positive public front image, but we all know that deep down inside, we can be scared to death and worry about our futures.
    I am only concerned that Guiliana has made it look “easy”. It is not and I hope she becomes a positive, beautiful breast ca spokesperson and uses her public image to consistently support breast cancer awareness.