A Tentative Release Date For Madonna’s New Album Is Revealed


Earlier this week we got to check out the REPORTED tracklist for Madonna’s new album (which, I must make clear, has not been verified) and today we learn some new information about the release. According to Madonna Tribe, Universal Music Australia is saying that the new album is due for release on March 23, 2012 … which, if true, means that the album will be released here in the US around the same time. Additionally, Blick.ch has published new photos of Madonna and her much younger toyboy Brahim Zaibat as they holiday together in Switzerland. Lots of Maddy news to share today.

MadonnaTribe forum member Dance2nite emailed Universal Music Australia, who distributes Interscope Records releases in Australia, asking about the release date for Madonna’s new album. In the reply she received she was told the album has a current tentative release date that is Friday 23rd March 2012 in Australia. Being a tentative release date things can still change… but still, Madonna is coming on your music players very soon!

Earlier this month we learned from another source that Madonna’s new album is scheduled for release in March so … this tentative release date does match up. Is any of this true? Who knows … but at least we have a general idea of when to expect Madonna’s new music ;)

In other news, it appears that Madonna and Brahim have made their way to the Swiss Alps for the holiday season … the couple were spotted together on the slopes this week:

I presume Madonna’s children are with her in Switzerland as well but they are not seen in any of the photos. I must admit, I’m very surprised that Madonna’s relationship with Brahim has lasted this long. They seem happy together … evident by the fact that she has kept him around for this long. Here’s hoping Maddy gets in a LOT of relaxation on this trip … because very soon, she will be plunged into the depths of heavy promo for her new single/album/Super Bowl performance.

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  • Lisbeth Slander

    Exciting!!!! Less than a month until the new (hopefully reworked) single.

  • Katie

    sorry, I’m already booked for March 23, 2012……Hunger Games! haha :)