Happy Holidays From The Lohans


It was a Happy Xmas for Playboy model Lindsay Lohan and her family this year (er, well, most of her family) as they all celebrated together at their Long Island, NY home this year. Lindsay, who has been behaving very well lately, made the trek cross-country to be with her mother Dina Lohan and her siblings Michael, Aliana and Dakota for Xmas this year (WITH permission from her probation officer/the courts) and as you can see from the group photo below … they were all very merry, indeed. Unsurprisingly, daddy Michael Lohan was not included in this year’s Xmas celebration … because he was prolly in jail or in a hospital or something. In any event, the Lohan Xmas photo ended up in the hands of TMZ … naturally. Check it out below.

The Lohans came together for a traditional family Christmas photo on Sunday — but one person was conspicuously missing … While Ali, Dina, Mike Jr., Lindsay, and Cody chowed down in Long Island to commemorate the birthday of Jesus — Michael Lohan was stuck in Florida … completing his court-ordered 4-month stint at a treatment center, which includes a domestic violence intervention program. Sources close to the Lohans tell us, it was pretty joyous — lots of gifts, delicious food, and no one jumping off a 3-story balcony.

Awww … well, let’s be happy about the positivity, shall we? Lindsay has been staying out of trouble for a couple of months now so … yay. Now that Xmas is over, we turn our attention to New Year’s Eve. Earlier this week, it was reported that Lindsay very smartly turned down many offers to be handsomly paid to party at various clubs on NYE but it seems that she won’t necessarily be staying home for the big night. Apparently, L. Lo has decided to ring in the new year on the QE2 in Dubai with a bunch of other invited celebs:

It’s going to be a celeb-packed New Year in Dubai on board the legendary QE2. Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson and former England cricketer Allan Lamb are just some of the names confirmed to attend the celebrations on December 31 2011 on the vessel that is currently docked at the Port Rashid Cruise Terminal in the city. It is the first time that the QE2 has been opened to the public for such a celebration. Apart from LiLo and Pamela, Liam Cunningham, US sitcom and film star Lamman Rucker, English model, socialite and aristocrat Lady Victoria Hervey are the other celebs on the guest list. Rumour has it that Kate Moss might attend, as also Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal (who’re all in Abu Dhabi for the Mubadala World Championship from 29 to 31 December). The vessel, Queen Elizabeth 2, often referred to simply as the QE2, is one of the most iconic ever built. Since her launch in 1969, several members of royal families, stars, musicians and celebrities from around the globe have featured on her passenger list.

It’s unclear if Lindsay will be paid to attend this party or if she is merely going as a guest but … I suppose it’s Ok for her to celebrate 2012 on a cruise ship … after all, how much trouble could she get into on the high seas? Er, on second thought … it’s prolly better not to ask. 2011 was a rough year for Lindsay, admittedly by her own fault … but hope springs eternal so let’s hope that 2012 is a much more productive and positive year for La Lohan.

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  • cmc

    Wow, the courts are even allowing her to ring in the year on a cruise ship in Dubai? I thought the judge said she could only leave the country for legitimate work. My guess is she is being paid, then- otherwise she wouldn’t be able to go.

    Trent, I love that you referred to her as “Playboy model Lindsay Lohan”. Much more concise (and accurate) than “former child actress turned petty criminal Lindsay Lohan”!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I will be nice but I must say her hair is HIDEOUS!!! The oldest brother is a cutie.

    • cmc

      Does she kind of look like Rachel Zoe in this shot or am I taking crazy pills?

    • nicole

      @cmc- i totally see it. your not taking crazy pills haha

  • jess

    im ready for lindsay to overdose on ‘life’ already and just be done with it all. anyone else? i mean i guess i don really think she should die, but she should be banished to a land where she no longer gets money and fame for being a seriously issue ridden loser.

  • nat

    I always forget there are brothers in this family.The women are such trainwrecks,but somehow the boys appear normal.

  • Kristen

    I’m sorry, but she looks like a trashy hooker with that hair. Does she really think it looks good bleached blond like that???


    OMG. Ali looks horrible. It’s like half of the siblings look good and the other half, well… : /

  • Be a little inappropriate

    She looks like Rachael Zoe to me.

  • she looks horrible. its sad. she needs to go on a longgg vacation and get a nice tan and dye her hair darker…..

  • Marcus_Em

    umm how is anyone looking at Lindsay in this picture when we have Gargamel standing there staring at us on the left!? wat in the christ happened to that girl! It seems like it was 2 years ago she was this cute little limited 2 wearing girl parading around on “living lohan” normaly proportionate and not at all grotesque like she is now i mean her face! u look on the street anywhere in the world and find me 1 person that is not either sick or an addict that looks like that.. no wonder the smurfs hated him so much ..

  • Marcus_Em

    side note middle male lohan… rarrrr :-)

  • Claire

    Ugh! Both her and Ali look AWFUL. So sad that 2 otherwise pretty girls have turned out like this. I hate to say it because I dislike her so much, but Dina looks better than both of her daughters. It’s shocking that Lindsay went from “Mean Girls” to this.