‘GQ’ Magazine Names Jared Leto As The ‘Worst-Dressed Man in the World’


Jared Leto, actor and frontman of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, has been given a distinct “honor” by mens’ style magazine GQ. According to the mag, Leto is the Worst-Dressed Man in the World. Now, as much as I love Jared’s bold style and his unfailing ability to do his own thing … I think I gotta kinda sorta agree with GQ. While I do NOT believe that Leto is THE worst-dressed man in the world, I do think that he sometimes misses the mark stylewise. Click below to read what GQ has to say about Leto’s new Worst-Dressed distinction.

He’s flaunted nipples through mesh shirts. He’s worn skirts about as frequently as pants. He’s rocked a mullet. He is the Worst-Dressed Man in the World. Look, it’s not that Jared Leto, the actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, doesn’t try. He tries too damn hard. Don’t get us twisted, Jared, we like you, we think you’re good at one of your day jobs. But consider this philosophy from legendary dandy Beau Brummell: “A gentleman should never be noticed for the singularity of his dress.” What we think he means is, try not to look like a dick …

You can click HERE to see the slideshow of looks compiled by GQ that they believe proves their point that Jared is the Worst-Dressed Man in the World. I mean, I gotta say … yes, they have a point … but no, I don’t personally think he is the worst worst. Even when Jared wears something that might look like a fashion faux-pas, he somehow manages to make the look look good. Jared can uncannily get away with so much (tho, he is not infallible). I think everyone can agree that Jared Leto looks best when he wears as little clothing as possible:

In many cases, less is more … don’tcha think? While I think proclaiming Jared as the worst-dressed is a bit much, there may be an unintended benefit from the distinction. Maybe now, Jared will decide to wear less clothing overall and make everyone happy :) What do y’all think? Do YOU think Jared Leto is the Worst-Dressed Man in the World? If not, who do YOU think dresses worse?


  • razz

    David arquette is the worst dressed. Jared leto has balls and a I don’t give a Fuck attitude that makes everything he does doable. Love love love a man who does what he wants and doesn’t give a Fuck about what GQ thinks

    • Claire

      Agreed entirely, especially about David Arquette!

    • Krissy

      I agree with you about Jared. I think it is great to see a guy get into fashion, even if I don’t think it looks great all the time.

      I have to wonder, though, what makes the difference between David Arquette and Jared? They seem to have the same freedom when it comes to dressing.

  • Monica

    I can’t believe he is 40….so hot <3

  • Anne Boleyn

    He’s hot.
    But he looks SO much like my brother when Leto has short hair that’s it creepy.

    Anyway, I agree. He is trying too hard.

  • Claire

    Really? Not at all! As much as I hate the mesh shirts, he just has a punk-esque style, and really seems to otherwise stick to basic white t-shirt and black leather jacket. There are men who dress FAR worse, especially in Hollywood.

  • tj

    GQ is inconsistent trent! GQ germany gave him a style award a few months ago http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/10/28/jared-leto-gq-style-award-winner-in-germany/

    • Krissy

      Good eye!

    • Sez

      Ha! as soon as i saw this posted i was going to link to the GQ best dressed award being the same person, now i don’t have too!! Seems like in one country his style is applauded, in other it’s laughed at. either way I bet he doesn’t give a fuck about such things. though it is an interesting commentary on what’s considered good fashion in two different countries!

  • flowergirl

    Jared Leto is the sexiest man alive.It may be that his creations are sometimes a bit daring. But he can just wear anything.