Watch: Jenny Craig Releases A New Mariah Carey Promo Video


Early last month we got our first look at a mysterious new promo video that featured popstar and newish mom Mariah Carey and a day later we learned that she had been named the new celebrity spokesmodel for Jenny Craig. Today we get to see Mimi in a new Jenny commercial that is themed on her hit song Make It Happen. Mariah seems very happy to show off her hot bod … and why not? She’s getting paid megabucks to do so. Check out her new commercial below.

Homegirl looks good … and happy. I can’t say I’m too crazy about this remix of Make It Happen but it makes sense that this is the song featured in the clip. In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of new commercials for the various weight loss companies out there. Mimi is working with Jenny Craig, Jennifer Hudson is working with Weight Watchers and Janet Jackson is working with Nutrisystem. It’s an all out Diva war to win your weight loss biz … so Mariah is busting out the big guns in this commercial. What do y’all think? Can Jenny Craig Make It Happen for you?


  • jessica

    not too crazy about the extensions she’s wearing but it looks like jenny is successfully remaking their brand! I have no doubt that it works during, its keeping it off after that’s difficult.

  • megsterg

    Mariah cover your midriff! Will someone please tell her she is too old for that! You can show off your weight loss in a much more sophisticated, appropriate way. And a good fitting dress probably would have made her look smaller than that outfit does.

    • Claire

      Amen to all of that.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Wow. Mariah just hit a new low. Not of the weight loss variety.

    • Lulu

      Agreed… that was just… terrible. I also agree with previous comment. Wear more clothes, totally unflattering “outfit” to boot.

  • Kelly

    That song makes my ears bleed.


    This is so embarrassingly desperate… That outfit is cheap, looks from the 90’s, and those Seabiscuit hair extensions are awful.

  • Lacey

    This promo disgusts me. Way to tell new moms that they need to try to lose the weight as soon as possible. Not all moms have the luxury of nannies, nutritionists, trainers and other things (tummy tuck…cough cough)

    • Lulu

      The tummy tuck is so painfully obvious…

  • Scott

    That commercial is a mess.

  • marina

    Wouldn’t buy it based on how not spectacular Mariah looks.

  • Ummm

    Soooooo 90’s hehe

    Love her….. Good on her!

    Some comments here are a lil harsh

  • Roy

    There are so haters up in this post…wow.

    So if it was a 42 year old male shirtless it’d be ok…right? Ladies you’d think you’d appreciate a confident sexy mom flaunting her curves. I smell hypocrisy and a slight touch of envy.

  • Roy


  • John

    I fucking love Mariah- shes my favourite artist and she’s also fucking HOT- BUT the outfit is terrible and really really unflattering. She’s got an amazing body but the clothes don’t even make her look slim- so strange lol

  • jess

    really you think she had a tummy tuck? the ‘close up’ shots where you dont see the rest of her in that outfit look good but damn, that look is not doing anything but making her look like she needs to get rid of her food baby by taking a dump. sorry mariah. you make some great music, but its the new millenium. get over the tube top it is not cute. what was jenny craig thinking when they allowed her to wear that? i guess they were thinking ‘this will totally increase sales for other weight loss drugs, who wants sensa? ‘

  • jess

    sorry but if it was a 42 year old shirtless male wearing bugle boys jeans or some other clothing relic from the 90’s id give him just as much shit.

  • Kristen

    I love Mariah too, but I also don’t think she looks good here. That outfit is not doing her any favors.

  • BriK

    Good Lord. Why?! Is she 12? Is this 1994? Everything is wrong. Get a longer shirt you have two chilren!

  • I agree w/ Roy. If this was a picture of a male celeb over 40 such as Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig (who both have children), people wouldn’t have issues with it. But, since it’s a woman over 40 who has kids, there’s a double standard.

  • bliss

    Jenny works because I’ve been working at losing weight with them for a few months, lost 20 lbs and have maintained for the most part during the holidays. After the holidays I’ve got 20 more lbs to go, ahhh! :)

    Now Mariah definitely should have picked another outfit, LOL! I imagine she is such a ‘powerhouse diva’ that she wouldn’t have listened to anyone else really.

  • laina

    That commercial is just a bunch of noise and photoshopped photos. I also suspect a tummy tuck especially because she was soooo big. Skin at her age just doesn’t bounce back that quickly or simply from dieting. Can’t stand that woman fat, skinny or otherwise!

  • romesf415

    Good for Mariah!! She’s making the bank and all the haters are her biggest fans! If she feels good and confident, let her be! Just because most have children and dont look as good as she does, they have to bring her down. Look in the mirror and maybe you should make the change on yourself you’re calling Mariah out on! Envy and Insecurity are really good friends!

  • Nancy

    I like the commercial:) she looks great… you can make it too ladies!!! I’m pretty sure you have to lose some weight in order to be able to have a tummy tuck… lipo can only remove so much fat…. go mariah! Looks great after having twins!

  • yo!

    I actually think the dated outfit is on purpose!
    When I watch it with the 90’s remix of “Make it happen” I get the feeling the commercial is trying to say… “look peeps, you can be your old self with the help of Jenny” its a throw back to how she was back in the day….