Ryan Reynolds Enjoyed Thanksgiving With Blake Lively’s Family


Early this month we saw photos of lovebirds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds gettin’ all kinds of smoochy together outside a bed & breakfast retreat in Utah over Thanksgiving weekend. Since then, a photo from the couple’s Thanksgiving dinner with Blake’s family has made it’s way to the Internets. It turns out that Blake invited Ryan to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with her family and you can see Ryley all cozied up at the dinner table with members of her family below.

“Thanksgiving dinner table! Johnson’s and Livelys ”

It’s unclear who dtheman24 is exactly but it was his Instagram account that published this photo from the Lively family Thanksgiving. As you can see, Blake and Ryan were seated right in the middle of the table so that they could be as close to as many people as possible. I really love the sight of Ryan being welcomed at the Lively family dinner table. Whether or not these two manage to stay together for the long haul, it looks like they — at the very least — enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving dinner together.


  • KatE

    And that’s his (Ryan’s) mom at his other side. Seems like the Reynolds and the Livelys met wayyy before everybody else was let on.

    • a fan

      For the public this looks like a really quick affair, but We have no idea what is going on here. Why would she romp with Leo and within minutes she is in the arms of Ryan and has not left his side. This photo with his mon at the Thanksgiven table does not look like a bunch of strangers if their moms are in are this, we really don’t know what is happeining. I wonder how long it will be before we see a Baby Ryan/Blake.

    • sk8terelle

      I agree, we really don’t know how long or serious this is. It seems they spend most of their free time together and their families are mingling. They are so cute together! Rumors of getting an apartment together are starting to sound real.

    • cmc

      I read a great conspiracy theory on (I believe?) Lainey. Apparently, Blake, Ryan, and Leo were seen hanging out right after the Green Lantern film wrapped. Then, Ryan and Scarlett divorced and Blake ‘dated’ Leo to put some distance between herself and the divorce. Once it had been a few months, Blake/Leo was over and Blake/Ryan was happening. The theory is they have been together all along and the Blake/Leo was a publicity set-up so she didn’t get the reputation of a homewrecker.

      I don’t know (or care, really- I’m not a fan of any of the people involved) what the truth is, but I like that theory. It’s devious and juicy.

    • @cmc — Yes, I read Lainey’s theory too … it is interesting, isn’t it? HMMM.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love big long tables like this!!! SO AWESOME!!! Sad the holidays are over.

  • Alys


  • Lou

    Not only his mom. Also his brothers. I think the two families met at the Green Lantern première. Two big, normal families.

  • Krissy

    The way they are trying to pimp their relationship is creepy.

    • a fan

      and yet you are here watching and waiting for the next photo. This is a public facility, and Ryan and Blake have been here a week. If these 2 people want a photo opt. they would have no problem doing this. We really don’t know what they are doing. But I am happy for them. Who wants to be alone on the Holidays. Do you??

    • Krissy

      First of all, you assume too much when you say I am watching and waiting. Secondly, that isn’t a public facility, it is a business owned by Blake’s sister. Third, just because a person isn’t alone on the holidays doesn’t mean they have to broadcast it for the public’s consumption.

      Already these two have been papped more times than during his and Scarlett’s whole relationship, and those two were married and together for years! We couldn’t see Scarlett’s wedding dress, yet we know exactly how many people Blake and Ryan had Thanksgiving with. That is overshare.

    • guest

      I doubt they authorised this picture, but it’s their relationship and they should get to tell their story however they want to.

      Scarlett and Ryan were papped many times for a couple who didn’t spend much time together, mostly looking grumpy. People assumed they were unhappy or ashamed to be seen together. Who wants that? If you’re happy, there’s no reason to hide it if you don’t want to.

      Scarlett talks more about Ryan now than she did when they were married. If Ryan wants to respond in kind by letting pictures do the talking, that is his business.

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