Justin Bieber Gave His BFF A Car For Xmas


I’m not sure what kind of gifts you like to exchange with your family and friends but undoubtedly many of you have received some pretty nice things over the years. This year, popstar Justin Bieber decided to give his childhood BFF Ryan Butler a pretty sweet Xmas gift that he very likely will not be returning this fine day after Xmas. Ryan posted a photo on his official Twitter profile showing off the nice present that he got from The Biebs. Click below to see what he got.

He’s come a long way from his humble upbringing in a council estate. And Justin Bieber – who is worth about £54 million after just four years in the spotlight – wanted to share some of that fortune with his friends and family back home in Canada. While staying in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, over Christmas, the 17-year-old gave his childhood friend the keys to a white Mustang convertible. Ryan Butler today shared a picture of the new two-door ride with his 652,845 followers. He said simply: ‘Justin got me a present. #swag!!!’ The pair grew up together in the city and Ryan’s British-born parents, Martin and Sharon Butler, took the budding singer under their wing when he was just five. They stepped in, along with Justin’s grandmother, to provide what they describe as ‘additional parenting’, when his natural mother, Pattie Mallette, was unable to cope, they told the Mail On Sunday last month. Pattie became pregnant with him Justin when she was just 17 during a brief relationship with Jeremy Bieber, a young carpenter and martial arts enthusiast with a criminal record for assault.

Dang. I mean … yeah, dang. It must be nice having a millionaire popstar as a BFF. Most 17 year olds get model cars for Xmas, this Ryan Butler kid got the real thing. HMMM. Well, as extravagant as it is, it would seem that this gift came from the heart … and that is the most important thing. Big or small, any gift given with love is a great gift … but a car given with love is the greatest gift of all :)

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