Personal Photos From Britney Spears’s Engagement Party Hit The Internets


On Wednesday we got to see some cute video of our dear Britney Spears dancing her buns off with a friend at her engagement party (which doubled as new finacĂ©e Jason Trawick’s 40th birthday party) in Las Vegas, NV and today we get to check out a couple other goodies from that fun night. It turns out that the friend Britney was dancing with in that video is named Cade Hudson and he shares a couple of personal photos that he snapped from that night. Check out the Britwick BFFs below.

It’s unclear just who this Cade Hudson is or how he knows Britney and Jason but what is clear is that he is very close to the famous couple. Not only was he allowed to get his freak on with our dear (newly engaged) Britney but he was also able to snap candid photos of Britney and Jason looking extremely happy and comfortable. I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing more of this threesome in the coming weeks and months but, dang, Mr. Cade Hudson is a very lucky man indeedie ;)



    I love Britney, but her makeup artist should be fired! The smokey eye look ages her extremely bad and it makes her look quite scary, not to mention haggard. In some of the engagement photos she looked amazing, but some she looked really rough. : /

    • Jaz

      Lol. that’s not a makeup artists work. Unfortunately Britney likes to do her own makeup. all the time. And this is what she comes up with.

      But yeah, also from sweating and what not. It probably got worse as the night went on.

  • Popopo

    Weell chase, I don’t know about you, but when I sweat or just wear my makeup for a bit my eye stuff will start looking like a raccoon. I sure as hell don’t feel like getting all prettied up at the end of the night either. :P

  • Lorraine

    It’s Britney, bitch. The most entitled to have surround herself with handsome guys.

    • ChristineLA

      LOL! The fact that Jason’s glasses are just *slightly* crooked makes me love him more. He just couldn’t be cuter if he tried.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Apparently he’s one of Jason’s bff he has a couple of never before seen pics of Britney on his facebook

  • Ashley

    I love that she looks like us at the end of the night :)

    • Ashley

      to clarify…I do not look like Britney. But she looks like she let her hair down, danced her butt off, and is happy!