Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Send Out Joint Xmas Cards


Earlier this week we got to see the adorable Xmas card that the Beckham family sent out to family and friends this year and today we get to see another celebrity Xmas card. It turns out that actors Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who started up a new romantic relationship earlier this year, are still going strong in their lurve. They are SO in lurve that they decided to send out joint Xmas cards together. I mean … that’s some serious biz, y’all. Check out the Justifer Xmas card below.

There are some couples that even after being together for several years would not commit to send out a joint Christmas card. So things must be very serious between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who have only been dating for seven months but sent out Yuletide greetings together. The couple came together to create their own Christmas card to send out to their friends and family, a picture of which was released today. Jennifer, 42, and 40-year-old Justin designed a very festive red card that had been embossed with their names inside. And instead of buying presents for friends and family this year, the couple have made donations to a couple of charities instead. Inside the card it reads:

We wish you and your family a holiday season full of happiness & joy.
A donation has been made in your name to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Best Friends Animal Society.
With warmth and love, Jen and Justin

Awww … that’s cute … and SERIOUSLY serious, you guys. It says a lot about a couple when they decide to send out Xmas cards together. This seems to be the most stable relationship that Jen has enjoyed since … well … you know. I’ve said it all along, I really like Justin for Jen. They seem really grounded and he seems really good for her. You can tell she is really smitten with him. Homegirl likes to keep her private life private and yet, she seems to be OK with showing off her loverman. Here’s hoping that this will be the first of many, many Xmases together for Jennifer and Justin :)

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  • ChristineLA

    I agree, that is one hell of a statement on their part. I also love that they donated money to their favorite charities in the name of their family and friends. I’m sure they are still getting those who are REALLY close to them gifts, but this is so timely and from the heart. Charities are really hurting in the recession.

  • vintage

    i really hope they will stay strong and happy together for a very very long time. i wanna see jen happy, and justin seems like a really good man too.