First Listen: Taylor Swift Featuring The Civil Wars, ‘Safe & Sound’ (From ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack)


Altho we are still a few months away from the release of The Hunger Games in theaters, the promo machine for the film is already in HIGH gear. We’ve already seen posters for the film and we’ve learned of the forthcoming release of a cosmetics line themed on the film … and today we get to hear the first single from the film soundtrack. Country/Pop star Taylor Swift teamed up with The Civil Wars for the song Safe & Sound, which is the first single to come from the official movie soundtrack … and you can hear it in full below.

Naturally, considering the artists who recorded it, Safe & Sound has a distinctly Country sound. It’s a sweet ballad that, I’m sure, is mean to illicit emotion and feeling from the listener. My guess is that the effect will be more powerful when the song is paired with imagery from the film. In all honesty, I’m not crazy about this song upon first and second listen but … I can deffo see how it might do very well as the soundtrack’s first single. I’m actually surprised that we are hearing this song so early before the film’s release (Safe & Sound can be purchased on iTunes HERE). That being said, I suspect we will hear other songs from the Hunger Games soundtrack in the coming weeks leading up to the film’s release in late March. What do y’all think of this song? Are you impressed?


  • Meg

    Meh…but that may be because I’m not a Taylor Swift fan.

  • melissa

    Oh wow, I actually really like it – – I think it will be great in Hunger Games, and it makes me hopeful that the whole soundtrack will be stellar. (I was a little worried when I read it has a country sound but it didn’t seem too much so, I am not a “country” music fan but like folk and bluegrass)

    • Claire

      Agreed completely! I did not think I’d like it, but I think it’s quite somber and pretty.

  • Lulu

    Oh my, I looooooooooved it!!!! :) :) :)

  • Iheartaustin

    I actually really like it! I can see how it will tie in with the Katniss/Prim relationship and how Katniss wants to protect her… Love it! But I also love Taylor Swift!

  • Victoria

    I think it is a sweet song. It makes me think of the Appalachian Mountains where District 12 is located.

  • Sarah

    I LOVE it! I think it will go perfectly with the movie….I’m sure they will play it during some intense dramatic part. SO excited for the movie to come out!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I absolutely love it! It is so hauntingly beautiful. I think it will be perfect in the movie! In the right context, this song could be really powerful. I’m very happy with this!

  • This sounds like an Eisley reject. No bueno fools.

  • Rachael

    Well, my first reaction upon hearing that Taylor Swift was on the soundtrack was pure horror. “DEAR GOD NOOOO!!” is what was going through my head. But after hearing the song, I mean it’s not too bad. I’m not trying to claim it’s the best thing ever, but it’s nice enough and it goes along with the general aesthetic that they seem to be building for this movie (and seems to fit pretty well with the typical T-Bone Burnett sound too). And in a sense, involving Taylor Swift here was kind of brilliant, given that this song INSTANTLY trended on Twitter last night and is already #1 on iTunes today. That NEVER would have happened without a big name like Taylor’s attached to it.

  • sarahhh

    don’t like Taylor Swift, but i really like this song!! what is happening…

  • Kelly

    It’s alright. I can see how it fits District 12 and Peeta’s and Katniss’s relationship. I think I would like it better if it had a mandolin and if it and if Dolly Parton sang it. No offense to Taylor Swift, I just wish the voice had a little more of a drawl and I love Dolly.

  • romesf415

    What a song!!! Woot woot!! Love it! Close your eyes! If you’ve read the books, you would get it. No need for imagery. Use your own!!! Dolly Parton? It’s not an adult film!

    • Kelly

      I’m an adult and have read the Hunger Games, and plan to see the films. I don’t think the age of a singer should matter if their voice fits the song.

  • Jenny

    Love this song!!!!!!! And I like Taylor Swift too!!!! <3

  • aimie

    i’m thinking it’ll fit in with katniss and rue?!?!? but that’s just me. time will tell though. either way katniss and prim katniss and peeta… i love it. i’m a taylor fan but this isn’t a TAYLOR song, it’s totally a new sound and i dig it!

  • Erin


    I bet they play this song while Katniss and Peeta are hiding out in the cave; right after they’ve teamed up, he’s hurt, and she’s planning on going to get medicine for him even though he’s begged her not to go.

    • Sherri

      i was thinking the EXACT same thing lol

    • Anne Boleyn


      I think it should go with Rue’s death.

  • kendra

    Awww..I dig it..It’s sweet and sad and simple..I can totally picture this song with the movie in quite a few parts..Man..I can’t wait!!

  • Meagan

    Didn’t like it the first time, but upon a second listen it actually sounds half decent. Which is surprising, because usually to me, Taylor can’t do any wrong!

  • Zoe

    Her voice is a little sighy/breathy for me, though it makes it seem more surreal because of it. I’m not a huge taylor swift fan, though this was pretty good.

  • BriK

    Taylor SWIFT?! For the HUNGER GAMES?! Who is working in the music department at Lionsgate?? Although this does have a Tori Amos feel…. which is also kind of a strange choice for the film.

  • Krissy

    I am surprised at how much I love this song! I think the band and the melody are just beautiful. I LOVE how the voices at the end oooing in the background sound like wind through the mountains. It gives it a coal mining kind of feel. I love the minor key of it, and I think it will fit perfectly for the imagery of the story.

  • Katie


    I could see it being played when Katniss takes Prims place on stage. Maybe while Prim is being held back, crying?

    Haunting. I love it!

  • Justyna

    I see it being played when Katniss and Peeta are in the cave and he’s hurt

    I love Taylor Swift.. so I love this song.