Watch: Prince William Does The ‘Swag’ Dance At A Charity Function


Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, made an in-person appearance at the Centrepointe Youth Facility in London, England this week to bring some Xmas cheer to one of Wills’s favorite charities (one that he inherited from his late mother Princess Diana). While the Duke and Duchess chilled with the young people at Centrepointe, Prince Wills took a moment to bust a move and reveal some sweet dance moves to the kids (and the assembled media). Click below to watch really fun video of Prince Wills and Kate hanging out at the Centrepoint Youth Facility this week.

Kate Middleton and her husband, Britain’s Prince William, visited a London charity for homeless youth on Wednesday. Middleton – who wore an olive jersey dress from designer Ralph Lauren that was nearly sold out within hours after she appeared in it – looked sleek. A black belt accentuated her thin waist and flat stomach, dampening the feverish media speculation that the Duchess of Cambridge could be pregnant. William and his brother, Prince Harry, both were introduced to the charity by their late mother, Princess Diana. William now serves as its patron. The Duke and Duchess joined Centrepoint youth in a healthy cooking lesson – the pair made low-fat mince piece and gingerbread, attended a talent show and watched a group session of a work preparedness program. During their visit, the royal couple teased each other and appeared affectionate, according to several reports. William, who was dressed in casual clothes, even danced alongside one of Centrepoint’s residents. His playful antics brought a smile to Middleton’s face. The couple will reportedly spend Christmas weekend and Christmas Day with the entire royal family at Sandringham Manor, the Norfolk, England, retreat of William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

I absolutely LOVE these two so freaking much. Both William and Kate appear so down to Earth, so genuine … it’s no wonder they manage to endear themselves to pretty much everyone they encounter. It’s not hard to believe that William and Kate may, one day, become a truly beloved king and queen. They’re already laying the groundwork and are doing a great job doing so. Watching William do the swag dance is just … too much. LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE :D


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I LOVE THEM TOO!! He is just like his mother. Hey, boy can move them hips:)

  • Katie

    They are so adorable!

  • Sue

    They inspire me to be a better person. And that in itself its a feat. Love them!!! Keep posting about them!

  • Lauren

    Absolutely love them. I feel like they are very normal both with the public, and behind closed doors with their friends and loved ones. I will always wish good things for them.

  • kelly

    i love how kate is just looking at will directly, with a huge smile on her face.

  • Ella

    I love how Wills is picking up where his mother left off and I feel like Princess Diana would love Kate who seems quite gracious and down to earth.

  • Michelle

    Love them too!