The Writer Of The ‘Buffy’ Remake Film Has Been Fired


In May of 2009 we learned that plans to produce a remake of the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer COMPLETELY WITHOUT THE BLESSING OR INVOLVMENT OF BUFFY CREATOR JOSS WHEDON were officially underway. In November of 2010, we learned that a screenwriter named Whit Anderson had been hired to pen the script for this planned Buffy remake. Today we learn from the LA Times that Anderson has been FIRED from the Buffy remake project … which is a good sign that the Buffy remake film might never see the light of day :D

This news has just been reported via Twitter so the details are extremely light. But we do know that the news comes from the LA Times so I’m pretty confident that they know what they are talking about. Almost every person on Earth who heard about this Buffy remake is against the idea … including Buffy creator Joss Whedon and BtVS TV star Sarah Michelle Gellar (only BtVS film star Kristy Swanson has voiced public support). Now that writer Whit Anderson has been fired, the hope is that the entire plan to remake the Buffy film will die a quick and lasting death:

Now, just because the screenwriter has been fired does NOT necessarily mean that the entire project is dead … but it does bode well for an eventual death. Considering how much backlash has sprung up over this horrible idea to remake Buffy, I’m really hoping this will be the last we ever hear of plans to remake Buffy the Vampire Slayer … that is, unless Joss decides to make a Buffy film himself ;)


  • Katie

    Fingers crossed! This movie does not need to happen :(

  • Darion

    Merry Christmas BTVS fans!!

  • sars

    I don’t see why there’s so much animosity against a BtVS remake. Just because Joss Whedon isn’t involved doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be crap. And his reaction to it is very childish imho.

    Lots of characters have been reimagined by lots of different authors with varying degrees of success. Batman is a good example here.

    • @sars — It would be one thing if Joss gave his approval but this film is being made against his wishes. HE created these characters … but, unfortch, he doesn’t own the Buffy character outright. He owns the rest of the characters — Willow, Xander, Angel — and none of them can be used without his permission. A new Buffy made against the creator’s wishes is a slap in the face … and that is why so many fans/Buffy actors want nothing to do with this remake.

    • Sarah

      the Batman remakes had the backing of the Batman creators. so… not the same.

  • Tony

    I don’t want a Buffy remake even if Joss Whedon was involved. Buffy was a combination of his writing and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s acting. Only these two people were able to make this character and only these two people TOGETHER should be involved if a movie gets made.

  • Alicia

    I think the only way Buffy should ever continue is if they went ahead with the animated series. Anything else just wouldn’t work.

  • Magan

    I would prefer no remakes, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what each character is up to on the big screen. Everyone original has to be in it from the TV show and Joss has to write, produce and direct it. It won’t work any other way. If that doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing the cartoon, but again, each of the actors will have to reprise the roll. I don’t want any subs.

  • Beth

    If Joss isn’t too busy with his current project he would be the only one to do it justice.

  • Marcus_Em

    SMG needs to stop the RINGER nonsense lol chioban watever .. ur name is Buffy Anne Summers.. Please get back to Sunnydale and the giant sink hole ASAP. Honestly how about a Zander show ? lol I don’t think Nicholas Brendan is doing much these days… lil guest spot from the buff , willow, giles .. i mean cordy and spike could even pop up .. they are guest spot regulars on other shows, charmed,supernatural,smallville .. ughh alas i know it is only a pipe dream.. i blame it not happening and it stopping when it did entirely on Freddie Prince Jr. lol and partly on scooby doo.. NOT COOL I MISS MY BUFF

  • Cas

    I don’t want a Buffy remake unless:
    – It’s written by Joss Whedon
    – It has all of the characters
    – The same actors play the parts