Watch: Britney Spears Dances Her Booty Off At Her Engagement Party


Last Friday we learned the HAPPY NEWS that our dear Britney Spears and her loverman Jason Trawick got themselves engaged to be married and last Saturday we got our first look at Britney’s stunning new engagement bling which was unveiled at Britwick’s engagement party (which was actually Jason’s 40th birthday party) in Las Vegas, NV. Today we get to see video from that jubilant celebration. On the night that Britney was celebrating her engagement (and Jason’s bday), homegirl busted out some dance moves at Chateau nightclub … and she looked happy, y’all. Check out the video below.

I’m not sure who the guy dancing with Britney is but it’s not Jason. Clearly is one of Brit Brit’s BFFs … and it looks like they are having the time of their lives. Will you look at the smile on Britney’s face. She hasn’t looked this happy in … a long time. I’m just so thrilled for her. This happy Britney is a sight for sore eyes … I JUST LOVE IT! Dance girl, dance ’til the world ends! Congrats, again!!


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  • bleeding ears

    It really is nice to see her happy and with such a genuine smile on her face.

  • jessica

    Nice to see her happy and funny to see that she dances just like the rest of us. Hah!

  • kendra

    Look at that body!! Hot damn!! Our girl is looking so good..Happiness works for her.. ;)

    • Zeke

      I was thinking exactly the same, Kendra. Her body looks stunningly sick!! Hopefully this new chapter in her life will bring some of her moves back

    • ChristineLA

      Her body is AMAZING! She looks so happy, I am thrilled for her! I didn’t know if we would ever see Britney like this again for a while.

  • Marcus_Em

    umm are we all going to just not talk about this dude doing the dirty pelvis dance ?! lol Britney seems so happy and also a little bit stand offish to this dancing man’s friendly yet ridiculous advances lol I seriously LOL’ed! love seeing that smile on her face!

    • Jill

      That’s what I was thinking, did this dude not know she just got engaged. LOL
      I love seeing her look so happy and healthy though. Congrats too her and may they have many happy happy years together.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Lol he does know she’s engaged he was the guy on the mic teasing Jason about his age and wishing them a congrats on their engagement. He’s apparently long time friends with both of them.

  • Dezden

    SO. CUTE.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Dying. This is so cute! I love seeing her celebrate and be radiating happiness. That smile. Britwick FTW. This is going to be a fun engagement! :)

  • James

    Thanks for saying Las Vegas, NV. I would have thought they were in Las Vegas, NM. Rofl.

    • @James — Happy to help. Rofl.

  • Kelly

    In the video where they are singing happy birthday to Jason you hear this guy (dancing w/ britney hear) on the microphone and he says he is a long good friend of Jason…