Ryan Reynolds Is Not A Fan Of Autograph Seekers


Over the past few months, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing photos of Ryan Reynolds sneaking around with Blake Lively, openly smooching around with Blake Lively and trying not to be seen with Blake Lively despite the fact that the pair were walking side by side in public. One thing we are not used to seeing is Ryan Reynolds getting testy with fans. Ryan kinda flipped out on an autograph seeker this week and decided NOT to sign for the fan … instead he decided to shout in the guy’s face. Yikes! Naturally the freak-out was caught on film.

To be fair, it’s unknown if this guy is one of those “professional autograph seekers” who tend to hound celebs for autographs so they can sell them on eBay but whatever the case may be, Ryan is clearly in no mood to sign anything for anyone. Celebs are real people … who have good days, bad days, good moods, bad moods … just like everyone else. Even still … it’s unfortunate to see Ryan looking so cross. Ah well … let’s hope he was just having a bad day … and that the poor guy who dared approach him remains a fan.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    The dog is like whatever asshole…LOVE IT!

    • meggie

      There’s a better shot of the dog sniffing the dude’s leg like a fire hydrant

  • Krissy

    I totally think that celebs have the right to privacy, but you can always turn someone down in a polite way.

    After seeing those highly staged pictures of him and Blake smooching above the sign for her sister’s Bed and Breakfast, he has fallen off the pedestal in my eyes. If you go out of your way to seek attention like that, you shouldn’t be surprised when people continue to expect it from you.

    • foff

      You assume the worst because it fits your agenda. Bauer Griffin has been stalking him outside his Boston apartment waiting to catch PDA. Tabloids have been writing fake stories about them and their ex’s. They pulled the rug out from under both and promoted the family B & B. Not a bad move.

    • RF

      The pictures above were taken in September. That was before he was dating Blake. I don’t know why they are making the rounds again as new pictures. Ryan is in Vancouver this week.

    • Krissy

      My agenda? LOL! This isn’t politics, sweetheart.

      I don’t think that staging pictures for paparazzi is exactly “pulling the rug out” from anyone. It was just self serving, because Blake’s sister owns the B&B…and she loves the attention. If you deny love for one pap, and then just turn around and give it to another pap, at the end of the day you are STILL giving love to paparazzi.

    • ff

      You choose to look at it from only one perspective, Krissy.

      Not all photographers are the same. Some stalk their subjects, while others wait until they are invited. Once the first pics are released, it decreases the value of subsequent pics. You don’t address the tabloid issue, but denials to tabloid stories are more easily ignored than pictures.

      By taking control of the situation they took the rug out from under the stalkerazzi and tabloids, and they got publicity for her sister’s business along the way. Smart move, and a good sister.

    • Krissy

      There were pictures of them together LONG before the Bed and Breakfast pictures. Just like Blake and Leo suddenly were getting papped all the time too. The girl has a history. You can sugar coat their staged photos, but at the end of the day, the staging speaks for itself.

    • guest

      You make good points. Krissy ignores all the pictures of Ryan on and off the set in Boston LONG before he was with Blake, and all the pictures of Leo and his other girlfriends LONG before he was with Blake. I think that speaks for itself.

  • foff

    For all you know he could have said “I’m sorry I have to run” or “I have to feed my dog but I’ll catch you on the way out.” You don’t know. All you know is controversy sells.

    • Claire

      You don’t get up in someones face like that to politely tell them “no”.

    • ff

      You’ve never heard of politely but firmly?

  • apriljan

    Still looks good in those skinny jeans though.

  • RF

    These pictures were taken in September


    • foff

      BG is peddling them as new pics because they are pissed at him. They stalked him for months hoping to get PDA pics and were beaten to the punch.

  • a fan

    This is a photograph, you cannot even read his lips. Do you know what was said?

    • Lynne

      How about what the “poor guy who dared to approach” said, or how often he’s said it?

  • Lynne

    Hanging around hotel entrance with 8 x 10 glossy and USPS envelope handy, looking like he hasn’t showered in two weeks…Nope I don’t think this guy is ‘one of those “professional autograph seekers” who tend to hound celebs for autographs so they can sell them on eBay,’ not at all…

  • a fan

    It is so easy to sit and critize because this is not your life. I think these people are entitled to some privacy. What would your reaction be if every time you stepped out of the door, you have stop smile, sign and answer questions. I do not think there is one of these people who has not had a reaction less than stellar and to decide the guy is right and Ryan is wrong is really unfair. As the man who hacked into Scarlett’s phone, the blame was hers because SHE should have known better. Her privacy was dismissed. Clearly there is an opinion that these people owe the fans access into their personal lives. My last point is who is that close to this scene to capture it so clearly??

    • Krissy

      I completely agree that celebs are entitled to privacy. Just because they are entertainers doesn’t mean that the public should be entitled to hear all about their relationships/marriages/divorces/affairs/pregnancies, etc. At the end of the day, they are just human beings.

      However, there are many celebrities that stage paparazzi photo ops, because they would rather sell their personal life instead of their work. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Ryan and Blake arranged for a photo op at her sister Bed and Breakfast earlier this year. No one knows what happened the situation that was photographed here, but when you do things that are sketchy, what you do after gets tainted.

    • ff

      Except these pics were taken in September, before the alleged sketchy behavior, not after.

    • ff

      The interest in his personal life has been there as long as he’s been famous and dated other famous people. He and Alanis Morrissette were not shy about their feelings for each other, and you rarely heard speculation about their relationship. On the other hand, there was a lot of speculation about Ryan and Scarlett because they rarely acknowledged each other.

  • a fan

    There are about 6 or 7 pictures of this guy standing outside this building and he may have asked more than once because one of the photos show Ryan with his bags leaving and the guy is still there. These people also have to be very aware of who may be stalking them.

  • Yvonne

    I’ve seen Ryan Reynolds at a restraunt in SLO, CA and I politley tried to say hello and he was a snob and not very friendly at all…. since then I can careless about him as a actor…. then again I imagine he can careless about fans hence the way he treats people…. and we are his audience, it is job to be cordial and sign autographs, take pictures…. he promotes himself!

    • ff

      I had just the opposite experience when I ran into him at a store. I wouldn’t interrupt his dinner, bother him while he was with friends or family, or wait outside his home.

    • Yvonne

      It was breakfast and I wasnt making a scene I said hello once and when I got the cold shoulder I didnt bother to try again….. SLO is very relaxed, everyone says hello casualey….. this is just my opinion of him and I was not impressed….

  • mmm

    Completely absurd website you have. These photo were taken in September in Boston, MA. Why lie and say this week?

    • @mmm — Here is the photo caption: ©BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM Ryan Reynolds is visibly annoyed by an autograph hunter as he returns back to his apartment after walking his dog Baxter EXCLUSIVE December 20, 2011

  • Magan

    I understand that Celebs deserve their privacy, but there’s no need to flip out on a fan for any reason at all. There is a time and a place for that. If they wish not to have a photo or a sign an autograph, politely decline. If they’re snotty, then fans will lose all interest in the celeb. Seeing this, I have lost respect for him. I always thought he was gracious when he signed autographs. It’s clear he doesn’t care one bit for his audience. That will definitely come back and bite him in the ass!

  • Boston

    He is an EBay dealer and had been at Ryan’s house like everyday. Ryan was NOT staying at a hotel but a private resident.

  • Lolicopter MakesYouLaugh

    He is a “professional” autographer, if you can call him that. He’s known in and around Boston as “Softy”. His real name is Mike, and his eBay name is “Tagg4Life”. Lolz. Lolicopter brings you the info!

  • papparoo

    It doesn’t really matter when these were taken, they show a different side of Reynolds – the grumpy side, no biggie. Blake is setting up shots saying she is in Cambridge when she is actually in Vancouver. The Utah kissing shots were staged to put the kiss out there before the paps could get it. People bitch about paps but truth be told there is a HUGE demand for these photos – and the celebs use that. People want to see celebs out doing regular stuff. The celebs use the paps for their advantage too – it’s a double edged sword.

  • Jules

    Personally, I think that if you accept the limelight of being famous and making all the money, you forfeit your right to get mad at people for wanting your autograph. Even professional guys like that.

    It makes me really sad to see this picture. I had more respect for Ryan. Not that it matters, but my personal opinion of him has gone down. Looks like James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman have moved up on my list…

  • BellaGrace

    When you’re a celebrity you have to expect that you’re giving up most of your privacy. He could’ve just ignored him or just said no & kept walking. I don’t know if it was September or December when this pic was taken, but he’s really went down a notch or 2 for me as well. This along w/dating attention whore Blake Lively. I want the old cute sweet adorable Ryan back.

  • Rhona

    Probably it was the tenth time that he was asking for an autograph, having already received several, stationing permanently outside his house. Reynolds roams around without a body guard. Not opportune. Some time ago I read an interview to Brigitte Bardot. She said that once she was approached by a nice lady who asked for an autograph, following her into the lift, chatting pleasantly. Then she pulled out a fork and tried to stab her in the face. Celebrities are not saints. They are entitled to being irritated or annoyed at times. Do we know what was being said and how Reynolds was approached? Apparently, he is generally obliging and unpretentious.Have you guys never sent anyone to f-off? Also, why are these photos being published now, after months they were taken?

  • Lou

    Actually, judging from the clothing of the people in the pictures, it seems that these were taken at the end of summer. I wonder why these are being published now. Are they meant to damage Ryan in some way? Some popularity contest going on? For all we know, Ryan might be telling the guy ‘Give me a break, man. You have been hanging around here the last couple of weeks and I already gave you several autographs. What more do you want!’ After all, we cannot ask of celebrities what we would not be prepared to give or do. I used to work for somebody who was really short-tempered at times but who was also the fairest, helpful, most intelligent and most charming person I have ever met.