Les News, 122011

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  • apriljan

    Chuck is a great show! Zachary Levi is the man!

  • Kim

    You NEED to watch Chuck! It is hilarious and full of heart (I kind of can’t believe you don’t already watch it, because I’m pretty sure you would love it).

  • Rachael

    Sorry Trent but you’re a tad late to the Chuck party, there are only like 7 episodes left to the entire series at this point (the fifth and final season ends in late January). ;-) But you can always rent the DVDs. It’s one of my favorite shows … a goofy and incredibly fun show … which has never gotten any respect partly (I think) because people don’t know what to make if it. It’s an hourlong show that isn’t a drama … it’s a comedy with dramatic elements, as well as action/adventure/sci-fi and practically everything else.

    It also has a great cast including Ryan McPartlin, who plays a character named “Captain Awesome” (that is the character’s nickname).

  • PKs

    Trent, you HAVE to catch up with Chuck – it is funny, witty, engrossing… and the “in your face” gratuitous girl fights and male shirtlessness are hysterical! This is the best show on TV right now. :-)