Courtney Love Opens Her Home To xoJane


On Friday we learned of a report from the New York Post that makes the claim that trainwreck Courtney Love is being evicted from the multimillion dollar townhouse that she is renting in NYC. According to the report, Courtney is getting the boot because she allegedly destroyed the interior of the home. Today we get to see photos from inside Courtney’s home, the one she reportedly destroyed, that were snapped for xoJane (presumably) to counter reports that she destroyed/damaged her home. Now, keep in mind, photoshoots can be carefully staged and also keep in mind that Courtney occasionally writes for xoJane so these photos are not really proof of anything … but they are surprisingly … beautiful. Check out the photos below of C. Love’s home and see for yourselves.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot recently about our friend and xoJane Contributing-Editor Courtney Love from several media outlets. A lot of these stories mention Courtney’s West Village Townhouse. Courtney generously opened her home to us this past week to use as an off campus, sort of Pop-Up office. It’s been a cozy, creative laboratory — the vibes here are undeniably GOOD vibes. Courtney said of her home, “listen, there’s no male energy here.” Which, for the record, Bryan and I had zero interest in taking issue with. We wanted to share with you what’s it been like, so Courtney and I invite you to join us in a photo tour, so you too can experience rooms that immediately put you in a good mood. Courtney’s super-famous-in-his-field realtor, Jared Seligman, declared Courtney’s home as “The epitome of equisite taste” and rattled off with glee “Majorelle, Ruhlman, Chippendale, Willow China, Tiffany China…” Does it look like she “wrecked the decor”? I think not… Hopefully these exclusive photos will help you feel like you’re right here with us.

To be honest, this design style is not at my fave … but I can appreciate that it does look beautiful and that this home, as it is staged in these photos, looks impressive. xoJane has a vested interest in supporting Courtney’s refutation that she is being evicted so of course they are going to frame her home in the best light possible. It remains to be seen if her eviction will actually come to pass but there is no question, Courtney has a phat pad. With her wealth, my guess is that the eviction problem will likely go away. Click HERE to see all of the photos of Courtney’s townhouse … I think you may be surprised.

[Photo credit: Peter Murdock; Source]

  • Claire

    Though I do like the house, and think she most definitely kept an antique yet modern feel to it…this proves nothing. Not in that the photos are fake, but that it’s still as the landlord said it was. What she considered “ruined” was Courtney putting wallpaper and blue paint over-top of the original walls, which is clearly visible. Lovely house though.

  • Kattmow

    Are you not allowed to redecorate your own home in the states?

  • Loonytick

    Normally yes, you may redecorate. But evidently this is a carefully restored, historic building that was rented with the stipulation that it not be altered. Other reports I’ve seen say all that high-end antique furniture came with the house, as well.

    I think it was primarily meant to be a place people could rent for parties (if they wanted to host a fabulois house party in NYC despite living elsewhere, for example) or to live for relatively short times, kind of like a super-fancy answer to the extended stay hotel. Then Ms Love talked them into letting her take a longer lease.

  • Jacqui

    I don’t like the design.

  • Kattmow

    @ Loonytick… Ahh right. Then she’s a fucking idiot and do are they for letting her stay longer than she should have.