‘US Weekly’ Reports That Alyson Hannigan Is Pregs, Alyson Confirms! [Update]


Congratulations are reportedly in order for actress Alyson Hannigan and hubby Alexis Densiof because according to US Weekly magazine, the couple are expecting their second child! Aly was photographed with what looks to be a burgeoning baby bump and US Weekly is reporting that her rep has confirmed to them that she is pregs! Woot! Aly and Alexis having another baby is fantastic news, y’all. This report is MUCH cause for celebration!!

How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan is going to be a mother again, her rep confirms to Us Weekly. On Thursday, the actress, 37, was photographed chatting on her cell phone in Santa Monica wearing jeans, a vest and thin red crocheted sweater — snug enough to reveal an undeniable baby bump. “Alyson is thrilled to be pregnant!” a source close to the star tells Us Weekly. “She’s been wearing baggy clothes to cover the baby bump.” The star and husband Alexis Denisof are already parents to daughter Satyana, 2.

I am elated at this news … and am very encouraged by the fact that US Weekly is reporting that Aly’s press rep has confirmed the news. With Satyana turning 3 next March, the time seems PERFECT for the couple to have another baby. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they had a boy this time? But, truth be told, another baby girl would be perfect, too :) This is such happy news! First we learn that Britney Spears and Jason Trawick are engaged to be married and now we learn that Alyson and Alexis are expecting baby number 2 … today is turning out to be the BEST CELEB NEWS DAY EVER!!!

UPDATE: Alyson Hannigan has confirmed the pregnancy news on her official Twitter profile:

Yes, I am pregnant! This time it is NOT a food baby. We are beyond happy!

Yay!! We fans are “beyond happy”, too!! Woot!!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source, Source]

  • Sergeja

    Yay, congratulations Aly and Alexis and Satyana! :) :)

  • Courtney

    wonderful news! congratulations to the happy family! :)

  • SaraBeth

    YAY!! I love them, one of the cutest couples in Hollywood! It’s awesome that it’s happening at the same time her character is pregnant on her show too, perfect timing lol

  • shannon

    Alyson confirmed the report on Twitter!

  • Ashley

    So excited for her! Aly is one of my favorite celeb moms. I adore her and Sarah Michelle Gellar. :) Hopefully Sarah and Freddie won’t be too far behind them with another little one. :)

  • Yay!
    I Love Them!