Courtney Love Reportedly Evicted From Her Home For Trashing It


Oh lord … Courtney Love is at it again … allegedly. A new report surfaced this week that claims that Courtney Love’s NYC landlord has evicted her from her $8 million dollar townhouse after she reportedly trashed the place … even going so far as to set it on fire! Courtney, naturally, is refuting the claims and is speaking out against the report. Considering C. Love’s track record, it’s not hard to believe that reports of her eviction are true but … at this point, it’s all just speculative reporting. Click below to read all the gory deets of Courtney Love’s latest trainwrecky mess of a drama.

Courtney Love is being kicked out of her $27,000-a-month rented home after wrecking the decor and causing a fire inside the designer home. The singer has been issued with an eviction notice after the owner accused her of wrecking the historical $8m home. Donna Lyon, who owns the property, said Love has caused more than $100,000 worth of damage since moving in and also owes $55,000 in unpaid rent. Love, 46, took up residence into the 1827 built four storey home in New York’s West Village 10 months ago. As part of the rental agreement she agreed not to alter the interior which includes many antiques and hand painted walls. But Lyon claims Love has carried out her own decorations – and ruined much of the interior. She said: ‘Courtney has wallpapered and painted a large portion of the property without my consent. I learned about this when I wanted to sell the house and had photographs taken. They sent me the brochure and I said “This can’t be my property”. I came to New York to see it and was horrified by what had been done. The walls that had been hand painted and glazed were ruined, covered in damask wallpaper and ice blue paint.’ Lyon, who bought the four storey home through her Chicago based company Astor Street Partners, said Love was also to blame for a small fire in the house. In June, Love scorched her hands after a candle set fire to a curtain. Lyon told the New York Post: ‘I got a call from her accountant who said “Miss Love is fine” which I was glad t hear, but I thought “What about the house”.’ Love, who has battled drug addiction and is best known as a the ex wife of Nirvana star Kurt Cobain, is being taken to court over the unpaid rent and is due in court next week. Lyon’s lawyer Norman Fitt said Love had ‘destroyed a work of art’ by decorating the home. He said she ‘has taken a historical house done by a recognised designer, and has taken upon herself to redecorate it. It is tantamount to destroying a work for art.’ Love was unavailable for comment.

Eventually, Courtney did become available for comment … here’s her side of the story:

“I haven’t fallen behind on the rent – I have been paying month to month as agreed. My rent is current, but the owner is now asking for the remaining two months upfront. Even though it’s not required, I’d happily pay that and another six months’ rent upfront if she would extend the lease for six months. I have repainted, but I asked permission, and used a painter approved by the owner.”

LOL! I mean, I’m trying to be sympathetic to the landlord but … HELLO, what do you expect? If you rent a luxurious home to Courtney Love, you have to expect that the residence will not remain in perfect condition. Hell, you can’t expect perfect condition no matter who rents a home but … trusting Courtney Love? Like, for real? Yeah, we’ll see how this bit of drama turns out but … I’m guessing C. Love will be shelling out some big bucks to try and repair whatever damage may have been done to the townhouse. OY!

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  • Debho

    Is that landlord on crack? Who would rent to this trainwreck? lolol

  • jenn

    the town house is gorgeous! i was just looking at it on jane pratt’s site:

  • Lorraine

    Awe, I still love Clove. She’s been recently tweeting Sam Lutfi though, ugh NOT good. I hope to see her stable and happy again.