Britney Spears Gives Jason Trawick A Motorcycle For His 40th Birthday


A couple of weeks ago, our dear Britney Spears celebrated her 30th birthday. This week, Britney’s loverman Jason Trawick celebrated his 40th birthday … and in honor of his turning the big 4-0, Britney presented him with a pretty kick-ass gift. As you may know, Jason rode a pretty sweet motorcycle in Britney’s music video for Criminal. He looked so good on the bike that Britney decided to buy him one of his own. Check out Jason’s new toy below.

Poor Jason he has less than 5 hours left to be in his 30s. I have a big surprise for him tomorrow. Xxoo / Hbday Jason! He looked so cool in the video, that I had to get him a new motorcycle. / Check out this new Confederate Bike I got him!

Hot damn. A hot bike for her hot man. I can’t wait to see Jason tooling around on this sweet bike, hopefully soon. Let’s send all of our Birthday Lurve to Jason Trawick today! Woot!!


  • Be a little inappropriate

    I’ve been singing Birthday sex all day XD … hot bike hope he doesn’t hurt himself on it.

  • Lorraine

    Hot damn indeed. This guy is so my fav for her. I’m so happy for our dear Britney she’s a real Phoenix in my book.

    • ChristineLA

      You certainly have that right! I love her with Jason too, he seems to really be a great influence on her. The one, two punch of her dad and Jason seems to be the right combination to bring her back from what I was positive was going to be the very early death of Britney Spears. I’m not normally a fan of crediting others with the hard work someone has to do to regain mental health, but her dad and Jason really seem to have just been such a steady force of good for her.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Their children are going to have massive foreheads tbh

  • nicole

    personally i think thats an ugly ass bike. BUT happy birthday to Jason. hope he had a great birthday