An Evening With Bane


Last night was a pretty bizzy one for me. I spent most of my evening running around town taking care of errands but ended my night in an IMAX theater watching the much-talked about 6 minute prologue to next Summer’s superhero blockbuster sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. As you may recall, I mentioned a few weeks ago that a 6 minute prologue of new footage from TDKR would be shown in front of IMAX showings of the sequel film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Last week it was announced that some lucky fans would be allowed to see the prologue at showings specifically for the footage alone at theaters around the country. Last night, I got to see the prologue on the IMAX screen for myself.

The prologue was very much exactly as explained HERE (spoilery, obvs) and I understand it even leaked to the Internets last night. It was really cool getting to see this footage so early … I loved it! We got fun free t-shirts at the screening last night with the image above printed on the front. It’s unclear what the image is exactly but it’s neat looking, eh? I hope this prologue gets released officially to the Internets at some point … the more people that see it, the more excitement will be generated for the film. Thus far, I’m loving the stuff that we’re seeing from The Dark Knight Rises … Summer can’t get here soon enough for me.

Tonight, David and I are dining with our friends Tom and Patrick at their home and then I’m off to the Music Box to see Dinosaur Jr. live in concert. They will be performing their album Bug in full. So fun!! Happy Hump Day, y’all!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Tears…I want to see it:(

  • JCZ

    Do you think it’s possible that TDKR could be better than TDK? I’m not having high expectations cause I’ve learn that lesson with a lot of trilogies and although it’s going to be awesome, I just don’t see it topping TDK, perhaps in box office gross though.

    More actors/characters just screams messy plot.